BASIC Balance Kit

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Basic Balance Kit curated to re-balance you through out your day.

Control that monkey mind. SYNC up a smoke meditation ritual, get to work with FOCUS tea and let go of the days tension with a CALM facial steam bath.

Our BASIC Balance Kit have three recommended Herbal Blends with Hemp Rolling papers and Tea Ball Infuser to tackle your morning, evening and night. Recommended as a top herbal pairing for intentional Cannabis spliffs.

SIP as a Therapeutic Tea ⋆
SOAK in a Restorative Bath or Facial Steam ⋆
VAPE in a Dry Herb Vaporizer ⋆
SMOKE in a Ceremonial Pipe or Herbal Roll ⋆

~ 12 Therapeutic Teas | 1 Tsp/Cup ~
~ 1 Restorative Bath | 1/4 Cup/Bath ~
~ 24 Herbal Rolls | 1/2 Tsp/PreRoll ~

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History of Herb for Balance

Herb for balance is necessary in this quick modern life. There are times we need to FOCUS. Other times we need CALM. Many times we need to SYNC with the universe. The plants are here to help us find balance in life.

Do Herb for Balance Work?

Research suggests that several herbs may be helpful in treating stress, anxiety, depression, and more.


Calm herbs for stress increase the flow of blood around our body giving us more energy. It aids in positive thinking, concentration, memory and decision making. The ability to not overreact or take things personally keeps your thoughts clean and your heart at peace, which instantly gives you an upper hand regardless of your circumstances. Calming slows our heart rate, reduces our blood pressure and relieves tension.

In understanding ourselves better, we realized that nervous tension {anxiety) got in our way of manifesting. CALM your nerves with Skullcap and Lavender. Lighten-up the heaviness of life with Damiana and Catnip.


The FOCUS blend helps you get “things done”. It allows you to prioritize. Concentrate on one thing at a time. Highly recommended for any mental work that involves computation and memorization.

Lack of focus can cause confusion and forgetfulness. And lack of mental clarity. Overworking, lack of sleep and stress can effect your ability to focus.

Energetic herbs stimulate the brain with Yerba Mate & Gingko and relieve mental fatigue with California Poppy & Spearmint.


The SYNC Smokable Tea blend came to us thru the inspiration of the An exploration of how the universe is in synchronicity with all of us.

When we meditated with different herbs, we noticed Mugwort activated your ability to tap into your intuition. Be more “on it” with your hunches which requires first being able to listen/see the signs. Next, understand what they mean which many times come in dreams thanks to Damiana.

When your mind is this open, the Spearmint in the Synchronicity Smokable Tea blend supports you in not getting overwhelmed with too much noise. Rose protects you from unwanted noise. Allowing you to be more in SYNC with the universe.

We hand-picked, fair trade, wild crafted and USDA certified organic herbs. The intent and processing of this medicinal herbal blend is to support the health and well being of each customer.


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