Hand holding mugwort organic herbal smokable herb
Mugwort is great as an herbal smoking blend, for an herbal bath, tea, vaporizing and as medicinal smoke.


Use as a tea to ease menstrual pain and improve digestion. Smoke to calm the nervous system. A vape can quickly reduce depression and anxiety. This plant is world re known as a visionary herb for its reputation of increasing lucid dreaming.


Users of Mugwort have reported Lucid dreams with psychotropic effects. Also clinically shown to be a natural remedy for menopause symptoms. Additionally can assist in digestion due to its bitter compounds aiding liver and bile function.

Molecular Profile

The Mugwort plant holds the most similar terpene profile as Cannabis. This herb is also known as Sailors Tobacco, it’s no wonder Mugwort is smoked and vaped.  Clinically shown to affect the pineal gland makes it ideal to pair with a Indica Cannabis strain.

Additional Info

Mugwort is mostly used in our Herbs for Meditation. Also view Herbs for Relaxation and Herbs for Energy and view all our herbal blends here.

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Showing all 2 results