Herbal SELF CARE Duo

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Activate your heart chakra with a little help from Kava Kava and Damiana.

Used during weddings and rights of passage celebrations for its stress release and relaxing effects. Give you and your partner holistic support to sync with natural sensuality and find that there is enough love to give away all night long!

  • ⋆ Aphrodisiac ⋆
    ⋆ Smoking cessation aid ⋆
    ⋆ Mild nerve tonic ⋆
    ⋆ Spiritual meditation aid ⋆


  • 12 Teas | 1 Baths | 48 Vape | 24 PreRolls



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History of Herbs for Love

The Herbs for love, MASC. (HIS) & FEMME (HERS), blend came from you, our customers! Many customers asked if there was an herbal blend to use with their partners. We quickly noticed we could not do the same blend for both sexes. Each sex has its own unique energy flow and physical vessel that requires different herbs.

For the male vessel, the need to procreate peaks multiple times a day with the creation of sperm every three hours. To deny you own flow is unhealthy. To balance it with love will open up many opportunities to love.

For the female vessel, her body follows the flow of her blood. Creating intense moment of a physiological need to procreate. It can be peak with moments reflect inward that leaves you too tired to connect outward with a partner. The chosen herbs in this blend will activate or stabilize your desires, giving you the space you need to enjoy a healthy libido.

Does Herbs for Love Work?

The plants used in the smokable herbs for females used in this blend are:

  • Jasmine used for spiritual sexuality as as opposed to physical lust.
  • Hibiscus incites passion and used to attract lovers.
  • Kava Kava’s ability to calm the nerves and reduce stress in both men and women which is one of the most common causes of poor libido.
  • Orange Peel actives ingredient helps fight off chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), which is one of the main complaints a busy woman has to sex… just too tired.

This blend is comprised of hand-picked, fair trade, wild crafted and USDA certified organic herbs. The intent and processing of this medicinal herbal blend is to support the health and well being of each customer.

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  1. Elena

    This product is amazing I love it so much. The taste and the affects it gives are wonderful. I will definitely be buying more! I’m so excited to try the focus and relax.

  2. Mia Paden

    I love the blends!

  3. Maribel Saldana

    I received this as a gift and let me tell you i fell in love with the his and hers tins. I have a terrible anxiety and instead of drinking pills for it that just make it harder i drink this or smoke it and my anxiety comes to a halt and makes me relax and fall asleep like a baby!! Will buy this as soon as it finishes!

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