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How To Roll an Herbal Spliff

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Rolling an herbal spliff serves as one of the most powerful tools in your self-care arsenal. Pair it with artisanal intentional herbal blends and find yourself transported to a relaxing, energetic or meditative state. Rolling takes practice but once you master it, the plant kingdom opens up to you.

Importance of Rolling Your Own Herbal Spliff

Entourage Effect

First, let’s look at the entourage effect of plants compounds. The Entourage Effect is what occurs when different plant compounds combine together to create an effect greater than what they would produce on their own. For example, the terpenes in our SUN blend are: Pinene, Myrcene, Farnesene, Bisabolol, Linalool, Terpinolene, Nerol. By adding CBD or THC dominant flower, the stress relief and detoxing effects these terpenes offer are amplified.

Control Your Own Dosage

When rolling a spliff, you have control of how much of each herb affects you. In comparison to a commercial cigarette, rolling your own botanical smoke allows you to control your consumption by customizing your dosage. Many factors should be taken into consideration like your body size, diet and personal smoking intention.

Get to Know each Plant

This is the fun part of the plant kingdom. Getting to know each plant individually. Having the ability to roll your own herb will introduce you to a new world of plant allies. Did you know there are multiple ways of using herbs? Read our How to Use Herbs: Top 5 Ways to Enhance Your Daily Life that covers botanical baths, herbal vaporizing, herbal smoking, medicinal smoke, and herbal teas.

Rolling Your Own Herbal Spliff is Eco-Friendlier

Simply put, you eliminate any middle men, products, toxic factory outputs to produce a Pre Roll. If you don’t understand what I mean, I recommend viewing this short video on the History of Stuff. Rolling your own herbs eliminates the toxic waste cigarette factories make. Next, decrease the carbon footprint involved in all the shipping. And finally, you skip on participating in the global waste of cigarette buds, plastic wraps, etc.

12 Steps to Roll an Herbal Spliff

Time needed: 6 minutes

Here is how you roll intentional herbal spliffs, masterfully every time.

  1. Gather Your Herbal Accessories

    You’ll need all your tools; Your intentional herbal blend, SUN in this case, Cannabis flower, rolling papers, an herb grinder, sustainable filters, and a joint or spliff roller (the secret weapon). Step 1 Gather your herbal tin with rolling papers, grinder and rolling box on a steel table.

  2. Grind Your Cannabis

    Place a three finger pinch of Cannabis into your herb grinder and twist until you are satisfied. Step 2 Open herbal tin with rolling papers, rolling box and grind your herb.

  3. Grind Your Herbal Blend

    Place a three finger pinch of your Herbal Blend into your herb grinder and twist until you are satisfied. Step 3 Hand holding grinder next to herbal tin with rolling papers and rolling box on steel table.

  4. Mix your Cannabis & Herbal Blend

    Mix your grounded herbs inside the joint roller tray. Make sure the herbs are evenly ground or chopped to ensure a consistent burn when you smoke your herbal blend.Step 4 Hand holding herbal roller with a mix of herbs and Cannabis next to herbal tin with rolling papers on steel table.

  5. Rolling Papers Please

    Remove a sheet of rolling paper and push your finger in the rolling ribbon of your spliff roller to create a recess. Step 5 Hand holding papers next to herbal tin with rolling box on steel table

  6. Position Your Rolling Paper

    While holding the ribbon in place, place the edge of the rolling paper to bottom of the recess with the sticky sealant at the top facing you.Step 6 Hand holding papers with rolling box on steel table

  7. Next, add your Filter.

    Add a filter to the left or right edge while holding the recess in place.Step 7 Hand holding filter for papers with rolling box on steel table.

  8. Pack It Up pack it in with Plant Goodness

    Place a small amount of the Herbs mixed with Cannabis to fill up the rest of the recess area. Step 8 Hand rolling herbs using a rolling box on a steel table.

  9. Now slow it down …

    Slooowly begin to close the joint roller at a controlled speed till you …. Step 12 Hand rolling herbs using rolling vintage box on steel table.

  10. STOP!

    You have to STOP halfway so you can give that sticky sealant a lick.Step 10 Two Hands rolling herbal blends using a vintage rolling box on steel table.

  11. Close the joint roller completely

    Close the roller completely and voilà, your spliff pops out from the top of your herbal spliff roller .Step 11 Hands closing rolling vintage box slowly with the herbal pre roll popping up.

  12. Double check your work

    Inspect your newly birthed herbal blend. Make sure the sealant is consistently adhered to the full length of the paper. Make your intention, light and enjoy.Step 12 Hands closing rolling vintage box that created an herbal preroll.

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  1. Having a roller is great…BUT…a true smoker can roll a spliff by hand.

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