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How To Roll an Herbal Spliff

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A spliff can serve as one of the most powerful tools in your self care arsenal when paired with artisan intentional herbal blends. First, to understand this, let’s look at the entourage effect of plants compounds. The Entourage effect is what occurs when different plant compounds like terpenes, THC, or CBD, combine together to create an effect greater than what they’d produce on their own.

For example, in the SUN blend some prominent terpenes are: Pinene, Myrcene, Farnesene, Bisabolol, Linalool, Terpinolene, Nerol, Buddlindeterpen, Sesquiterpenes. The stress relief and detoxing effects of the Sun blend are amplified by adding CBD or THC dominant flower. We are going to show you how to roll intentional spliffs masterfully every time.

Step 1: You’ll need all your tools; Your intentional herbal blend, SUN in this case, Cannabis flower, rolling papers, an herb grinder, OCB hemp paper filters, and a mechanical spliff roller (the secret weapon).

Step 2: Place a three finger pinch of cannabis into your herb grinder and twist until you are satisfied.

Step 3: Place a three finger pinch of your herbal blend into your herb grinder and twist until you are satisfied.

Step 4: Mix your ground herbs inside the mechanical roller tray.

Step 5: Remove a sheet of rolling paper, push a finger rolling ribbon to create a recess.

Step 6: While holding the ribbon in place, place the edge of the rolling paper to bottom of the recess with the seal at the top facing you.

Step 7: Add a filter to your preference of the left or right side while holding the recess in place.

Step 8: Add your herbal spliff blend to fill the rest of the recess.

Step 9: Slowly begin to close the mechanical roller at a controlled speed.

Step 10: Stop half way through and lick the sealant.

Step 11: Close the roller completely and your spliff is ready.

Step 12: Check to make sure the sealant is consistently adhered to the paper and enjoy.

3 thoughts on “How To Roll an Herbal Spliff

  1. Having a roller is great…BUT…a true smoker can roll a spliff by hand.

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