Herbal Spliff Roller

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Being able to select which herbs to blend together for my smoking ritual is why I love this vintage sterling silver herbal roller.

Makes rolling your own herbal cigarette or herbal blend enjoyable with this stainless steel durable, anti-scratch, waterproof roller. Its vintage style and handy size has a large storage room for your papers, filters and herbs.

SMOKE in an Herbal Roll

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5 reviews for Herbal Spliff Roller

  1. Bari June

    Absolutely love this thing! It’s made rolling on the go 1000x easier and more convenient. Bonus points for being pretty

  2. Maggie lopez

    I bought your awaken, sun, and focus package blends about 4 years ago and really enjoyed them as a tea. They assisted me in the mornings after I had stayed up late from studying. they truly helped me get through the 18hrs I was taking in college that semester. I had the right amount of focus and relaxation, which really helped with my anxiety and stress levels. Definitely looking forward to purchasing more blends from you, and trying other methods other than sipping.

  3. hmadams.adams01

    I purchased the Herbal Spliff Roller. I love the look and fuction of the roller, although I’m still figuring out how to use it properly. Quality item.

  4. Jennifer Gulizio

    I love this blend it so goood

  5. A.T.

    I really appreciate all of your communication. I ordered a similar smoking blend from another company, wanting to try out some different products. They have not offered one drop of communication. I haven’t even received your products, but am already preferring your company to them. Thank you!

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