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This fast pace life can easily drive you to burn out. If your like me, coffee is your savior but can also be your enemy with adrenal fatigue. The formulations in our Motivation 3-Pack Bundle are blended as healthy alternatives to addictive pick me ups so you can get up, get going and shine. Use as a tea, herbal smoke blend, herbal bath or aromatherapy dry herb vape blend.

Each 28G: 48 Teas | 4 Baths | 192 Vape | 96 PreRolls

AWAKE | SUN | FOCUS encourages concentration and mental clarity.


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10 reviews for Herbal MOTIVATION Trio

  1. Darius Lisle-Pourzyaie

    Delicious and great for any people trying to quit smoking!

  2. R.A.

    Smoking motivation herbs are a really good experience to have. I like the combination idea, the smell, colours and feeling after smoking all just describe the blend type. FOCUS blend my best, it’s empowering more clear thinking. i still got to try them in tea and see how different may feel. and am also interesting to try other herbs blend.

  3. Tyler

    This site is amazing just what i was looking for. My friend gave me a bit and i was really suprised by how well they worked. I will definitely be buying more on my own.

  4. Jarmarious

    Great product! Now a frequent customer

  5. Pandora Hedrick

    I have only tried the smoking blends a couple times. I haven’t had a chance to buy my own but I really enjoyed it .

  6. Julie L

    I have had a positive experience with the herbal smoke blends. Focus is definitely a great name for the blend I tried, because you feel focused afterwards without feeling paranoid. I was very excited once my package arrived in the mail. I invited my friend over to try and she was very relaxed. Thank you for our experience with dropping seeds.

  7. ma.landin1

    The blends are phenomenal,not only for smoking but the tea is top quality. Can’t wait to try others!

  8. Jordan

    No joke, this is better than coffee without the crash!!! Went from 3 coffees a day to tea and vape break if I really need that lift.

  9. Calvin Swavely

    Trying to quit smoking and I love your product, it provides a pleasant alternative. Thank you, your doing God’s work.

  10. shnnnanagans

    Been using to mix with other smoke to help me during manic/low cycles of a bipolar variation I suffer with. Found it to be helpful in keeping me calm and relaxed during manic cycles, and helpful in balancing me during downward spirals. Thank you for making this available!

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Our Inspiration

AWAKE, SUN and FOCUS comes from the need to get things done, even-though we need calmness in our over-stimulated NYC life. Television, cellphones and the internet has created generations of ADHD/ADD individuals but when you stimulate the brain (Yerba Mate & Gingko) and relieve mental fatigue (California Poppy & Spearmint), one can move mountains with FOCUS!

We were inspired to create the SUN blend during the short dark days of NYC winters. In comparison to MOONs inward energy, SUN was meant to go outward, to be extroverted. Activated by a healthy dose of immune power defense (Chamomile & Calendula) and blood energizing (Raspberry Leaf & Nettles) making you want to shine.

And the herbs chosen for AWAKE get the blood going (Safflower & Nettles) and stimulate various vital systems in our body (Yerba Mate & Gotu Kola) to give us that push out of stagnant energy.

Theses blend are comprised of hand-picked, fair trade, wild crafted and USDA certified organic herbs. The intent and processing of this medicinal herbal blend is to support the health and well being of each customer

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