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Not sure which herbal blend you will like to SMOKE, SIP, VAPE or SOAK in?

Why not try all 15 Herbal Samples.  Each herbal blend in the collection works together to form a tool kit for navigating through your story, with all of its’ ups, downs and unexpected turn arounds. Great as a smoking alternative, contains no Cannabis or Tobacco.

Comes with our *NEW* HDealer Patch & DroppingSeeds Pin! In Decolonizing our mindset, we must reframe the Healer/Dealer archetypes created by the racially inspired War on Drugs. The medicine, stories and tools of millions of People of Color & Women have been vilified by settler/colonial education, only for 500 years later to be sold by non-POC males in main-stream storefronts.

Utilize each herbal blend to navigate through the decolonization of society, with all the upcoming  ups, downs and unexpected turn arounds till Pluto leaves Capricorn in 2025.
SIP as a Therapeutic Tea ⋆
SOAK in a restorative Bath or Face Steam ⋆
VAPE in a dry herb vaporizer
SMOKE in a Ceremonial Pipe or Herbal Roll ⋆

~ 2 Therapeutic Teas | 1 Tsp/Cup ~
~ 1 Restorative Face Steam ~
~ 4-8 Vape Loads | Temperatures Vary ~
~ 1-2 PreRolls | 1/2 Tsp/PreRoll ~

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What are Herbal Blend Samplers?

Herbal blend samplers are a mix of medicinal plants. Each plant targets a specific energetic effect. We use the leaf, petal or crushed root in our final blend. Additionally, all our organic herbal blend are formulated to utilized them in the way that best calls you:

Which Blends can you Smoke, Vape, Sip and Soak?

Our herbal blend samplers formulation is based on historical research combined with our own personal use. The use of smoking, ingesting or soaking in herbs has been documented in Ayurveda (dhumpan) as well as in Meso-American rituals.

  • RELAX stressed-out tension in your body
  • CALM your over-worked mind {nervous system}
  • PEACE and calming blend
  • SLEEP helps you achieve restorative, healing rest
  • – FOCUS encourages concentration and mental clarity
  • AWAKE supports states of alertness & high energy
  • SUN gives you a good dose of Vitamin C to shine bright
  • REVIVE promotes an energy of  energy
  • MASC. self-care to balance masc. energies
  • FEMME self-care to balance femme energies
  • MOON promotes inward reflection
  • -SYNC supports a state of lucidity
  • CENTER energizes your heart space
  • DEEP dives you into meditation
  • QUIT support nicotine withdrawal

Herbs Used in Our Blends

We individually worked with different plants to pick the best for each blend. First, we experimented with each herb as a tea. Next, we used each herb in an herbal bath. And third, each herb was combined with Cannabis or Tobacco to understand how it burn and vape. The most used herbs you will find in herbal blends are :

  • Mugwort: Known as Sailors Tobacco. Has a long list of Cannabis-researched terpenes.
  • Rose: Contains terpenes that Cannabis enthusiast love. Clinical shown to lift depressive moods.
  • Spearmint: Its antibacterial properties assist in promoting relaxation

Read more regarding the herbal benefits of each plant.

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  1. Taylor

    Just ordered a week ago and delivered today. Tried it immediately and felt the affects! I will definitely keep ordering!!

  2. MH

    So Im just here to return back the last question you asked so how did I found or discovered dropping seeds, well the story start when I first discovered herbal smokes in jogja Indonesia, to cut the story short they just can’t be able to send it out to overseas due to pandemic and certain customs rules and so..
    And so the search begin as I was typing and searching on Google and Instagram, I just typed (herbal smokes) and there is tons of herbal smokes and information out there on the social media platforms.
    I saw a few that I’m interested in but dropping seeds really caught my eye and understandings, based on testimonials and feedback so i just follow my instinct and research and little did I know I’m on the last can of the mixed blend.

    Thank you for making the wonderful blends and putting effort to put them together. I was on my way of quitting cigarettes for good, which it has been more than 10days to be nicotine free and all other harmful chemicals.

    Oh I came across a formal discussion on herbal smokes too, by replacing herbal smokes and ingesting it to quit cigarette might be harmful too but of course I’m aware in certain harms that came from the smokes itself but Im more concern on the ingredients in the cigarette that will harm us in the long run.
    But hey my goal is to quit and this is my journey after 20 years of abusing it and it’s working slowly but surely. With this success, my hope and my intention is to spread this journey and help others to quit too.
    Thanks once again johanna and and all the people behind dropping seeds. May all of you always be in good health and good spirits. Selamat.

  3. awszolek

    Since this is my first experience with herbal smoking blends, I tried the sampler pack to pick one that I might like. I am now ordering a second sampler as I wait for the 12 pack of 10g tins to come back in stock. I can’t even pick a few that I enjoy, I love them all. I wanted to try the blends to help cut back on smoking cannabis, which it has, but it has also taken that to another level when I mix them together. I am so happy I found dropping seeds!

  4. Kelsie

    I bought this sampler because I’ve used herbs in the past to help out with anxiety, relaxation, to mix in spliffs instead of tobacco, and during meditation sessions. But it’s always hard to know which blends will suit my purposes best. This sampler helped me to pick which blends to get in the future for my various spiritual endeavors. (Spoiler alert: its most of them)

  5. Emma

    I have absolutely loved getting the sample pack – I can be very sensitive so even if a blend could be good for me and being that they are organic and natural you would assume my body wouldn’t react to any of them but that isn’t how my body works. I can get a headache, feel tired and even sore from exposure to a lovely smell of a flower or the like that just doesn’t agree with me due to having an overactive nervous system. So the option to try all the blends in my own time made it so easy to work out what was for me both sensitivity wise but also what really worked for me. I absolutely love calm, relax and sleep and actually found I got a huge benefit from mixing the first 2 together. I got this sample pack to see if they could help settle my nervous system and reduce the need for prescription medication and it has certainly exceeded my expectations. I also find the blends quite enjoyable taste wise.

  6. jordae.hood

    I received my Focus and Calm blends and I love them. I smoked the Focus right before work and I stayed focused for the majority of the day. I smoked the calm after work and it really mellowed me out. I will definitely be buying again and I’m excited to try more blends!

  7. Tara

    So I’ve been looking for an alternative to cut down on my marijuana smoking and I have to say I’ve hit the jackpot. I was using MJ to deal with my anxiety & the herbal samples I’ve gotten have been wonderful. Calm, Center, Sleep, and Focus have been my favorite so far. I’m usually tossing and turning during my nap before work but I ended up smoking Sleep after I got off that morning and I slept STRAIGHT THROUGH until my alarm went off. Y’all have definitely got a customer for life!! I can’t wait to reorder!

  8. J.D.

    Just wanted to start by saying I *LOVED having the option of trying small samples of all your blends at once before committing to a bigger size. I feel like it’s a great customer centered option, and you were the only herbal blend brand I saw doing something like that. So thank you.

    Next, I love how the blends came packaged. The little cloth bag is an adorable and appealing touch and the info card is a great, quick resource.

    As far as the blends themselves, I’ve only had the chance to try about 3 so far. They all look beautiful and smell lovely! Being honest, I am completely new to the world of herbs and especially the vaping/smoking. I’m actually dabbling after some heavy research for natural approaches in helping with moodswings/depression/anxiety as well as negative symptoms from my menstrual cycle. I saw a lot of good things on the ‘quicker onset’ of smoking or vaping herbs vs say taking them in oral capsule form. I then had to wander into the world of vaporizers as I am not a smoker (of any kind) and have little familiarity. That was a bit overwhelming. I was not wanting to drop a ton of money not knowing how I would like it and so I settled on the Pulsar Flow dry herb vape as it was the only vaporizer in my price range (>$100) that consistently showed in reviews that the herbs were NOT combusting. It does not however have precise temp control but rather 5 temp settings. I say all this to say that I have tried some of your blends in my vape a few times

    So far the flavor has been great and keeps me wanting more. I look forward to your input and to playing around with all the different blends I’ve got. Hopefully I can pick a favorite for my complimentary tin ?? thanks again for all you’re doing to heal the world!

  9. Jane

    Very excited to try the new editions in the sampler pack! I always these instead of tobacco.

  10. Shiva

    i use it with my vape, and it make me feel good. goodjob

  11. Jaye

    I tried the herbal sample pack back when there were only 6 varieties and have been hooked ever since! All the teas I have tried from here truly are beautiful to all the senses. I love Moon for meditating at night and Sun for my morning meditations. I purchased Sync when it first was released and it’s my favorite for a soak or smudge. Sleep is by far my favorite overall. It’s great as tea, smoked or vaped alone, and also pairs very well in flavor and effect with cannabis. I also find that smoking any of the varieties has been the most effective method for me personally in reducing the discomfort associated with taking breaks from cannabis. Can’t wait to try Hers for my next purchase!

  12. Rocky Purvis

    I’ve recently had to quit smoking weed and I find myself still wanting to smoke something. I don’t like the idea of smoking cigarettes all the time so this is a great replacement. It also helps calm me down and chill me out.

  13. KarenB

    I purchased the sample to get an idea of which blend I would prefer and so far, of the samples that I have tried, the herbs actually work. I was a bit sceptical at first but now I believe. I drank Focus as a tea one morning and it cleared my head and got me started better than coffee. Smoked a little Relax and mellowed out and slept all night. I will be ordering more soon.

  14. Nicole R.

    I loved my sample! Smoking the relaxed tea has helped me cease other smoking habits. The Hers tea with kava kava and hibiscus was also amazing to drink!

  15. Teresa

    So far so good! I’ve smoked Sleep and Relax. According to my fitbit I had more deep sleep after smoking Sleep than I had the rest of the nights that week prior to that. And Relax made my body definitely feel loose and relaxed.

  16. fastcorgigarage

    I got my sampled in the mail today. I opened the box and got everything as promised. All of the blends smell great, and the focus smokes great with a wonderful aroma. I can’t wait to try out the rest over the next couple weeks!

  17. Christopher Brazie

    Fresh and delightful blends. Would highly recommend sampling to identify most pleasurable mixture.

  18. Zach S

    I love the packaging and information included. It was the perfect gift to get my mother.

  19. Ryan Ruby Bick

    I love this product. I ordered the sample pack and it’s great

  20. Stacy P.

    I love the different methods that the herbal blends can be enjoyed, and how the various blends allow you to cultivate the state you desire. The Dropping Seeds blends are like an herbal palette that allow you to create a very bespoke experience!

  21. Zach Sokol

    Really liked what I tried — I believe it was “Sleep” or “Calm” — and now I want to get the sample pack as a birthday gift for my mom. Thank you!

  22. Angela B

    Finally tried every blend in my sample pack! As a person that loves all natural products, I am beyond pleased! Will be recommending to my massage clients as well as my friends! Thank you!

  23. Imani Kent

    I absolutely love these herbal smoke blends. I enjoy them by themselves and blended with other herbs. They definitely live up to what they say they do. I like the sleep blend and the her blend the most because they make me feel really good and they taste amazing. Awake and sun both give be a lot of energy without making me feel like I just had and energy drink. I definitely will purchase more when I finish the sample pack I ordered.

  24. MEghan

    If you’re not sure which one to try, then this should be your first purchase. It was so great to try them to help me make an informed decision on what to get next! I can’t wait to order my favorites!

  25. Kyle Simmons

    I absolutely love these blends! They burn clean, taste great, smell wonderful and aid me into my desired state of mind. You get enough product to try each blend more than once. Still trying to decide my favorite because they are all great!

  26. Andrea Velasquez

    I’m just now getting around to write you ?, I never reveived the rolling papers and have been using my bowl instead. I have been enjoying all the blends. I have smoked, vaped and steeped them. I love the taste and the calmness I feel. Thanks,

  27. Camille

    I love this sampler pack. It is a great way to try the whole line without spending too much money. I liked calm, center, focus, and sync. I loved the hers blend over all of them. I am still waiting for my husband to jump on the herbal wagon and try the quit and his blends.

    I will be buying more in the future.

  28. yabbs1004

    The Herbal Sample Blend is a fantastic deal! It gives you the opportunity to find your favorite blends before you shell out the money for a full tin. All the blends were good, but my favorites were the focus for during the day and sleep to help me wind down before bed.

  29. Gabriel H.

    I think all the blends are great but I think my favorite was either Sun or Relax.
    Both had great flavor and the relax really helped to calm my nerves, thanks a lot for what you do!

  30. Jennifer Jensen

    I have recently ordered the sample pack and simply love it! I wanted to vap dry herbs to help me quit smoking and its helping! The blends are exquisite, aromatic and definitely do something for me.

  31. Drayt F.

    The Herbal SAMPLE Blend has been a pleasant experience thus far. Very different tastes and aromas when vaporizing. My favorites are Calm, Relax, and Sleep.

  32. James Robillard

    I Love all the herbal blends I have tried so far. My first experience was a sample pack, and now I can’t decide which ones I like best. I’m a definite fan of the meditation blends for relaxing and clearing my mind.

  33. Nea Dewberry

    I really enjoyed having the option to purchase the sample pack. It was great being able to test all the blends. This was a great experience with beautiful Packaging. All these blends are great but I suffer from anxiety and the calm blend has eliminated my use of prescription medication.

  34. Kem Trails

    My name is Ari I purchased a sample pack of herbs from dropping Seeds a few weeks ago with the intention to become familiar with other herbs and smoke options besides cigarettes and to try and naturally use a solution for anxiety issues. The night that I received my sample pack my husband and I tried the Sleep pack first and loved how clean the smoke was for us. No nervousness or anxiety. He was actually shocked more than I was at how he felt and how the smoke was. I am in the process of buying a larger order from Dropping Seeds and 100% support their brand and product.

  35. Lizanne Sipes

    I was very impressed with these samples! I was not sure what to expect as I am new to herbal blends, but I am pleased. There is a good amount in each package so that I could try it more than once to really get a feel of whether I would want to purchase the full size. Some were harsher to smoke than others, but that is expected. Overall they had a nice flavor and worked well rolling, packing in pipe, and mixing with shisha (which defeated the purpose of natural herbal blends for me, but it was still a nice added flavor and benefits). I have not yet had time to try a steam or tea with these, but I am excited to!

  36. Norelyn

    This sample pack is absolutely amazing! I have purhcased it twice now and my boyfriend loves it. They are all delightful whether or not enjoyed from my dry-herb vape or handrolled. I have gotten compliments from my friends that smoke cigarrettes and are amazed that something like this exists.

  37. james

    absolutely amazing! The quality of these blends are great. vibrant color and great tasting too. Im also glad to see such a large sample pack, I been having fun trying all the different blends. They are helping me cut down on the amount of cigarettes im using. Some of my favorites are calm,awake, sun and moon. Awake and sun are great for getting rid of that foggy feeling in the morning and calm is so helpful when im anxious or nervous, it calms my nerves down and gives a great feeling of peace. I can’t wait to buy full size tins of these blends. Thank for making these amazing blends!

  38. Romy

    I just received the sample set and I can’t wait to sip, soak and vape all of them. I have tried the sun and relax as teas and they are so so wonderful! The taste is really smooth and delicious. I’m really glad that I ordered the sample pack so I can try all the different blends. Can’t wait to order the bigger sizes. Thank you so much for making these amazing herbal blends!!

  39. Thomas

    Hello, Hello, Hello! I got my samples because I wanted to know if the smoke was a harsh burning smoke like hybrids. NOPE! Now I can’t stop thinking about CALM, MOON, AWAKE, SLEEP, QUIT, & RELAX! Wow, I’m so happy and pleased. I’d recommend Dropping Seeds to anyone. Quick story, so I’ve been looking for a way to get off cigarettes and thought this might help. Sure enough when I ran out of samples I was standing in my living room fighting the urge to go buy a pack of cigarettes. Eventually I gave in but I knew in that moment this would help me get off tobacco and nicotine. Thanks for showing me a better way. – Thomas

  40. Diana

    I love the Herbal Sample Blend! I was able to gift a few to my friends and boss. It’s great if you are trying to quit smoking and allows for a lighter/healthier feeling respiratory system. I will definitely order again and I’m looking forward to ordering The Sun And Moon blend for the warm summer nights!

  41. Carolyn Glee

    I purchased this product because for some reason I wasn’t remembering any of my dreams. For months. It is probably due to my medication. I smoked this blend before bed, took a shower, and felt delightfully sleepy. Naturally sleepy. I then dreamt intense vivid dreams that I actually remembered upon waking. It’s such a relief. I am going to buy this stuff in bulk. Calm, sleep, moon, and awake are my new favorites. I highly recommend trying them out. So glad I got the sample pack. They also sent it pretty quickly. Thank you!!!

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