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Can You Smoke Damiana

Organic Herbal Smoke Tea Bath Blends

Herba de la pastora or Witches Broom, Damiana has been documented by Spanish Missionaries to western clinical scientist.

The first time I met Damiana was on a hot humid day in Costa Rica. It’s small shrub with tiny yellow flowers only grow in Central and South America. Mainly used as a tea by the natives of these areas for its relaxing effects. Its anti-anxiety effects is what makes this plant an effective herbal smoking herb without the narcotic effects of Cannabis.

Damianas aphrodisiac properties have been studied on animals and humans by many clinical studies. But the Mayans have known and used this plant for centuries to relax men and women in regards to opening their hearts to intimacy. Not only does it help men with impotence (considered a bladder tonic) but also women with sexual desire (decrease vaginal dryness).1

As a tea, vape, bath or smoke, Damiana is felt as a uplifting and euphoric experience by relaxing the body, specifically the reproductive organs. Today in Mexico, its considered a wedding tradition to give a new bride a bottle of damiana liquor as a gift to encourage fertility.2


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