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Top Herbs On Sale

Herbs on Sale

Our Herbal sale consist of all our blends, bundled up so you can save. Rather then buying and shipping one at a time, why not test all 15 out as an Herbal Sample Pack. Better yet, get the full collection of 15 Blends. Do not forget to accessorize. Or just go straight to experiencing plant intelligence with Herbal Kits.

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Importance of Plants

According to Robin Wall Kimmerer from Braiding Sweetgrass, in some Native languages the term for plants translates to “those who take care of us.” Reconnect to this knowledge by RE-connecting to herbs and its multiple ways of working with the power of plants.Learn more in our herbal guide.

Which Herbs are on Sale

Our sale contains all our highly loved herbal blends. Plants like Gingko and Gotu Kola to boost energy and fight fatigue. As well as Wild Lettuce, Hops and Skullcap for relaxing.  And to enhance your meditationplants like Rose, Blue Lotus and Mugwort. Read what our customers experienced.

Tips On How to Use

We offer our herbal sale so you can experience the full range of your our natural remediesSip a tea all day. Vape an herbal blend. Soak in a botanical bath. Use smoke to cleanse the air in a room. Or hand roll our blends with intention.

Showing all 15 results