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The Quality of our Herbal Tea

After painfully watching smokable tea videos on youtube recently, I noticed an incredible lack of intention and connection around consuming plants. Many people are seeking alternatives to smoking, or reducing commercial cigarettes and marijuana and are rolling tea bag contents. But, before going any further into smokable herbal tea, let’s talk talk about the power of plants a little. The most important thing to acknowledge when you commune (ingest, inhale, envelop your skin) with any plant product is that you are taking in information of that specific plant’s life, it’s environment and it’s treatment after it’s been harvested. So whether we’re smoking tobacco, drinking herbal tea, coffee or putting on lotion with lavender scent we are letting the essence of the plant live through us.

It’s very important to be selective of the life essences we allow to mix with ours. In many ways It’s like being aware of the company you keep. There are sciences and alchemic practices that date back to beginning of humanity that have embraced and used the particular nuances of plants to navigate emotions and prepare for tasks like, soul searching, weddings, honey moons, hunting, tribal gatherings, and sleep. As a demonstration of the vitality and lack of it we emptied a TIN of Dropping Seeds™ SUN multi-use herbal tea next to 20 tea bags of a commercially available herbal tea carton. Through quick observation, the vibrancy in color and form of the plant contents suggest that one is packed with more vitality than the other. Note that the contents of all Dropping Seeds products are organic and non-GMO. The remnants of life energy in the plant is what you feel whether you’re smoking, drinking or bathing in it. For the benefit of customers and out of high regard for the medicinal quality of the plant; we source our ingredients with care, package our smokable herbal tea to limit light and exposure to air and moisture. As much as we would like to show the product through the packaging we chose to preserve the plants’s vitality and medicinal potency instead.

We advertise that you can prepare 4 cups of medical herbal tea with our TINS. This is based on a tablespoon measure and can easily be diluted 100% for functional serving with clear effects of the herbs. Smoking herbs has the most immediate affect and the least efficient transfer of medicinal attributes in a plant. So, when we balance blends for smoking quality we aim for potency. The best way to gauge how much you want in your mug is to experiment with preparations. Change the spoon sizes, try diluting and enjoy.