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Smoking Catnip, Not Just for Cats

If you love your cat, you will love smoking Catnip. Consider it a cypher between you and your furry buddy.

The French call catnip “herbe aux chats” and often made a tea from catnip, like other members of the mint family (view our Yerba Buena IGTV ), to help digestion and reduce discomfort. Smoking Catnip provides a slight sedative effect. Customers report a sense of calm and tranquility.

The shape of the Catnip leaves are heart-shaped and whitish-gray in color. The plant is a hardy, perennial herb with sturdy stems covered in fine hairs, and grows to around three feet high. 

Effects of Catnip on Humans and Cats

Ingesting Catnip is a rolling around blissful experience by Cats and Humans. Best-known for its psychoactive effects on felines. Cats rub or chew the leaves, which causes a brief intoxication or ‘high’. Catnip is more relaxing than stimulating. Use Catnip as a tea to help reduce stress and promote sleep. ¹

Medicinal Properties of Smoking Catnip

Catnip’s medicinal properties stem from its active ingredient, Nepetalactone. Nepetalactone is a plant terpenoid that effects the nervous system of humans and cats. Recommended for alleviating migraine headaches and to relieve insomnia, nervousness and loss of appetite. 

In a 1969 study from Monash University, Catnip was reported to cause a euphoric effect in humans when smoked. So go ahead, boooooond with your kitty.



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