Herbs for Meditation Bundle

Benefits of Herbs for Meditation

Herbs for meditation guide you in self-reflection and mindfulness. Together, meditation and plants work to unlock your mind and deepen your spiritual practice. Therefore, allowing your thoughts and body to go into a state of wellness.

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Importance of Meditation

Stress reduction is one of the most common reasons people try meditation. It is easy to become overwhelmed post 2020 and meditation can help counterbalance it. Also, meditation is an effective way to increase focus and concentration, and unlock your potential.

Plants for Meditation

Botanical blends for meditation contain highly adored terpenes like Nerolidol & Geraniol. Scientific studies show terpenes is one of the major components of forest bathing.  So, enhance your meditation by connecting to plants like Rose, Blue Lotus, Sage and Mugwort.

Tips On How to Use

Plants for meditation are ideal to use as a ceremonial tea or bath. An herbal or vape session combined with cannabis. And a way to cleanse air-borne bacteria with smoke. Select your plant medicine to SYNC with the universe. Connect to MOON cycles. Find your CENTER. Dive DEEP into meditation. QUIT nicotine to smoke with intention.

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Showing all 8 results