Herbs for Relaxation Bundle

Benefits of Herbs for Relaxation

Herbs for relaxation specifically decrease inflammation in different parts of your body. Inflammation is the main symptom you body experiences when it is stressed or anxious. Decreasing inflammation allows the flow of blood to increase through all your organs. Therefore creating a calmer and clearer mind.

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Importance of Relaxing

Relaxing has become a hard thing to do since 2020. We have been on a constant fight, flight or freeze mode. Resulting in an increase of chronic illness and a mental health crisis. Herbs for relaxation is necessary for maintaining physical, emotional and mental health.

Plants for Relaxing

Herbs for relaxation naturally contain highly loved terpenes like Myrcene & Limonen. Scientific studies have shown these terpenes to decrease anxiety and tension. You will find herbs like Lavender, Wild Lettuce, Hops and Skullcap are used for relaxing.

Tips On How to Use

Plants for relaxing work great as an end of day tea, botanical bath and herbal smoke or vape break. Decrease anxiety by finding PEACE from anger. Headache relief by staying CALM. Get some good SLEEP. RELAX to eliminate body tension. As well as decrease your fire with FEMME.

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Showing all 8 results