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Emotional Kit curated to balance your emotions through out your day.

Are your emotions taking over? Get your day started with a SUN facial steam bath, find guidance with a MOON smoke mediation and RELAX with tea to end your day… this too shall pass.

Our EMOTIONAL Balance Kit have three recommended Herbal formulas with Hemp Rolling papers and Tea Ball Infuser to tackle your morning, evening and night. Recommended as a top herbal pairing for intentional Cannabis spliffs.

SIP as a Therapeutic Tea ⋆
SOAK in a Restorative Bath or Facial Steam ⋆
VAPE in a Dry Herb Vaporizer ⋆
SMOKE in a Ceremonial Pipe or Herbal Roll ⋆

~ 12 Therapeutic Teas | 1 Tsp/Cup ~
~ 1 Restorative Bath | 1/4 Cup/Bath ~
~ 24 Herbal Rolls | 1/2 Tsp/PreRoll ~


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1 review for EMOTIONAL Balance Kit

  1. Virginia Serwin

    Mullein is a wonderful herbal remedy for my asthma. Can’t wait to get the other herbs.

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Herbs for Emotional Balance

Herb for emotional balance is necessary for  empathic individuals. There are times we need some SUN in our life. Other times we need to go inward with MOON. Many times we just need a little help to RELAX. The plants are here to help us find balance in life.

Do Herbs for Emotional Balance Work?

Research suggests that several herbs may be helpful in treating stress, anxiety, depression, and more.


The making of the SUN herbal blend was a result of the sad dark winter days in NYC. We noticed feeling depleted from the lack of sun. Research shows Serotonin levels dip without enough exposure to the sun.  Lower levels of serotonin will increase depression and anxiety.

SUN blend provides the solution to Seasonal Affected Disorder. S.A.D. is shown to be caused by a lack of sunlight. This creates a vitamin D deficiency. Those that live in the city are at higher risk for S.A.D.

The aim of this blend is to increase Serotonin with a healthy dose of immunity, wound healing and antiflammation with Chamomile & Calendula. While Raspberry Leaf & Nettles energizing the blood.


There is no SUN with out MOON and no moon without sun. The MOON blend helps enter states of meditation. Specifically on a new or full moon meditation night. And it also nourishes the energy women experience during their moon cycle, an intense need to go inward and listen to our own moon.

The herbs chosen for this blend interact with our blood, heart and pineal gland. All affected by the new and full moon. Necessary for new and full moon deep meditation for both Men and Women.


Relaxing herbs reduces stress and the symptoms of mental health conditions like depression and anxiety. Additional health benefits are lowering your heart rate, blood pressure and breathing rate.

The relaxing herbs in this blend directly connect to the muscles and nerves. Stress or physically strenuous work can fry your muscles and nerves. A tea or bath of the following herbs can reduce muscle tension and chronic pain. Chamomile for its anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties that assist the gut to process emotions. Hops natural alternative to pharmaceutical sleep aids. It enhances GABA levels in the brain.

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absolutely amazing! The quality of these blends are great. vibrant color and great tasting too. Im also glad to see such a large sample pack, I been having fun trying all the different blends. They are helping me cut down on the amount of cigarettes im using. Some of my favorites are calm,awake, sun and moon. Awake and sun are great for getting rid of that foggy feeling in the morning and calm is so helpful when im anxious or nervous, it calms my nerves down and gives a great feeling of peace. I can’t wait to buy full size tins of these blends. Thank for making these amazing blends!


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