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Natural remedies have been around for centuries. Mayan, Ayurvedic and Chinese Medicine have proven to be effective in preventing illness. There are many holistic methods that help you feel better and live a healthier life from herbal blends to lifestyle changes..

Becoming a mom was a rights of passage that took me down the rabbit hole of plants. It exposed me to the business of being born to our current health care system. Leading me down a path back to my ancestral lineage. Both my Colombian grandmothers raised me with plants. Now as a mother, the herbs are constantly guiding me. Today, herbs are my way of life.

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Using natural medicine as oppose to Pharma is a human birth right. In todays current system, using plants has become an act of Decolonizing our medicine.

No one can heal you. You are the only person that can heal yourself with the right daily habits and herbal knowledge.

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Wholesale and whitelabel products currently available by certified Wellness Coach. Each product blended to be used as tea, bath, steam, vape, room cleanse or herbal smoke. They are finely balanced to support; Relaxation, Energy and Meditation.

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Developed in 2013, our blends have proven to help people find stress relief, increase their energy and enhance their meditation. They are made with organic plants and have no synthetic chemicals added to each blend. Each plant selected for its historical evidence and our own personal experience.