Hand holding hops organic herbal smokable herb
Hops can be used as an herbal smoking blend, for an herbal bath, tea and aromatherapy dry blend.


Originated in China but mostly used in Europe for beer. Smoking Hops shows to alleviates insomnia. As a vape, it decreases nervousness, and irritability. A tea works as a mild sedatives. A steam will help with tension and excitability.


A natural alternative to pharmaceutical sleep aids. It enhances GABA levels in the brain. Lowers body temperature to bring about drowsiness. Hops also assist in hot flash for women during menopause.

Molecular Profile

Humulene is the dominant terpene in Hops. Humulene is mostly associated with Cannabis. It gives the plant its psychoactive qualities. Both plants are genetically related, belonging to Cannabinaceae family.

Additional Info

Hops is mostly used in our Herbs for Relaxation and Herbs for Meditation. You can also view Herbs for Energy or view all our herbal blends here.

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Showing all 3 results