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Best Vaporizer for Herbal Blends

Organic, Smokable herbal tea, vape and bath

Vaping is an amazing way of experiencing DroppingSeeds herbal blends. You skip on the chemicals from the papers and the tar from the smoke and truly smell and taste the herbs. But not all vaporizers are created equal.

To correctly vape, you need to heat the herb (thru conduction or convection) enough so that the plant releases its chemicals in the form of vapor, but not hot enough that the plant burns (combust). There are ideal temperatures for vaporizing our blends where anything lower then the recommended temp, no vapor is produced and anything higher, the herb will ignite.

Majority of e-cigs that claim to be portable dry herb vaporizers simply combust herbs (burn the plant) like Atmos Raw Rx, Ago G5 pen, and devices by Yocan. These devices light herbs by directly exposing them to a heating coil which ignites and burns the herb just like any normal pipe. You could use a brass, glass or metal screen filter, which prevents combustion by acting as a barrier between the herbs and heating coils. The only problem with this method is that A) it’s a pain to place the mesh filters at just the right height and B) if the filters fall onto the heating coils, it could short circuit the device and ruin the battery.

However, there are devices out there now that can do correct vaporization without any extra accessories but are a bit more expensive. The one we personally love is the Da Vinci. You simply load your herb into the chamber, set the temperature and let it heat up for about 30 seconds, and start inhaling the vapor.

Then there are the popular non-portable convection vaporizers like the Volcano. These devices usually heat up water below the herbs, and then use the steam produced to create vapor which you can inhale. The drawback is that these things are larger, bulkier, and not made for on-the-go situations.

Whichever vaporizer you buy, remember, if the smoke is black, you are most likely burning the herbal blend, if the smoke is white then you are vaping your way to happiness! Don’t forget to grind your herb and use the temperatures that the vaping manufacturer of your choice recommends as a starting point .