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Our Top Cannabis Herbal Pairings

Much credit is due to the Cannabis plant for inspiring the formulation of our blends.

Raised in NYC, Cannabis was always around me: the streets, the buildings, the friends, the schools and the news. It wasn’t till my late 20’s that I actually stopped calling it “MJ”. During this deeper understanding of the plant kingdom, Cannabis became alive to me as well as all the other plants around me. In my household, many different plants/roots/mushrooms are used daily but Cannabis is definitely the one mostly smoked.

I remember I once had all the time in the world to procrastinate, and Cannabis was a great ally for that. But once the babies came around and they grew along with the bills, procrastination is the last thing you want to do. Nevertheless my love of Cannabis birthed a method of blending additional plant allies to truly be more intentional with my Cannabis consumption. 

My love of Cannabis was due to its ability to switch me into different vibrations from meditating to boosting my energy to finding my sensuality to calming down my monkey mind. The following are my top Cannabis pairings to aid in your intentions.

FYI: We blended our herbal blends with a cultivar of Chem Dog, a hybrid known for its THC levels of 15-20%, earthy taste but uplifting energy.


Lavender, Damiana, Catnip, Skullcap, Mullein + Cannabis

This was the first blend to beautifully dance with Cannabis. It helped instantly de-escalate my stress the minute I smell the lavender. As well as stop the monkey mind from bouncing off the walls with Skullcap and Damiana.

  • Stress De-Escalating
  • Stops Monkey Mind
  • Mood Enhancer


Gingko, Yerba Mate, Mullein, Spearmint + Cannabis

Since we live in a yin/yang world, I could not stay calm all the time… nothing would get done. Especially when it was time to use my brain for numbers like taxes or web coding. This pairing boosted my energy, cleared my mind and quickly help target my flow. 

  • Energy Boosting
  • Counter mental fatigue
  • Know to be a Memory enhancer


Rose, Mugwort, Damiana, Spearmint + Cannabis

Once I’m done with all the 3rd dimensional responsiblities (bills… life) I love to travel thru the depthless of my conciousness. This blend is my go to for meditation, breath work, yoga and lucid dreaming. 

  • Meditation aid
  • Lucid dreaming
  • Nature walk companion


Jasmine, Hibiscus, Damiana, Kava Kava, Orange peel + Cannabis

This blend with Cannabis is personally a pleasant surprise. Its intention was to address the emotional energies associated with being with a partner. And thanks to kava kava, the blend opens my heart allowing the feminine vibrations from Jasmin and Hibiscus to pour out.

  • Heart opening
  • Mild nerve tonic
  • Yang energy


Bachelors Button, Damiana, Kava Kava, Cloves + Cannabis

We truly enjoy this blend in the morning when a marathon of work is avalanching down or about to take a good long Saturday morning run. The bachelors button, damiana and cloves create a spicy palate that immediately boost my energy.

  • Spicy
  • Energy boost
  • Mental clarity


Chamomile, Lavender, Hops, Passion Flower, Mullein + Cannabis

Cannabis is considered a “mother” plant. Her vibrations “wakes up” the vibrations of all the other plants. The Sedative effects that come with Hops and Chamomile are amplified for longer and deeper thanks to this pairing.

  • Sedative
  • Deep sleep
  • Nerve relief


Chamomile, Calendula, Raspberry Leaf, Nettles, Mullein + Cannabis

Pairing this blend to Cannabis is like turning on the sun on a clear blue sky on a Sunday morning. During the winter months in the city, this is what beats my winter blues. It also helps amplify the extroverted side of me (that likes to hide). My mood is enhance from the Chamomile and Calendula along a boost of energy from the Nettles and Raspberry leaf.

  • Energy boost
  • Mood enhancing
  • Blood tonic

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