This is my first time to order your teas. I have been on Valium for many years and recently was not given any by my doctor due to DEA going after the innocent instead of finding the people that are cheating the system for drugs to sell…anyway the first cup of calm I drank seemed to fill me with a nice chill out to help me wind down at the end of the day. I used the sleep before bed but not sure if it worked because I was ASLEEP, lol! Right now I am trying to smoke some relax in a bowl since it is on hand and it seems to be mellowing me out a bit after a very busy day. The flavor is nice but I recommend small tokes for those, like me, that do not smoke. ( I just took a big one by habit and my eyes watered, cough, cough)
I look forward to trying other blends to see their effect on me. I am a bit of an odd ball as I am affected differently by most medications so I am sure it is the same with these. I am excited to find an alternative to prescription and over the counter drugs. I am not a fan of Big Pharma.
Thank you for making and selling these alternatives.
Alanna / RELAX Herbal Blend
I was so curious about it because it is flowers and herbs… You always think Tobacco when you think of smoking. I LOVED the taste and smell. I did not make tea or take a bath I used it to smoke and wean myself off of camel cigarettes. And it works! The tin is misleading. When i received the cute little tin I said “nice tin, but it’s so small!! I paid 16.00 for this!!??” But after rolling hemp paper after hemp paper after hemp paper. I honestly received my money’s worth.
Delicious and effective blend. I ordered Sleep instead of quit becaise I have issues sleeping and I figured the fact that I am smoking something will take away the cigarette craving and it did.
I absolutely love dropping seeds and will pre-order very soon. !!
LaToyio / SLEEP Herbal Blends
My boyfriend and I purchased the HIS and HERS blends and they are both delightful! I especially love the smell and taste of the HIS blend.

I find the experience of smoking this blend to be very soothing and relaxing, without causing drowsiness. I am naturally a very high energy person, and I find that smoking the HIS blend helps me slow down a little bit and take in my environment more naturally.

I do not find that smoking either blend gets me “in the mood” all on their own, but when my boyfriend and I are already inclined, it definitely helps to deepen our connection and our receptiveness of each others’ needs. Definitely recommend.

Ellie / HIS Herbal Blend
Amazing product and I am quickly running out. The taste and effects are calming and liberating and definitely magical. Thank you for your sharing.
Nash / CENTER Herbal Blends
Hey beautiful people! I LOVE THE BLENDS! The calm blend I could feel instantly, and although I felt the calm wash over more through steeping the herbs, it was a nice mellow when smoked as well! The focus blend has been wonderful as well. I have ADHD (the legit kind before technology made everyone have ADD) and I have struggled greatly with my entire life. I hate western medicine so I can’t tell you how big of a blessing this blend is. It helps kind of just bring all of my thoughts together and execute them in a way that I usually can’t get achieve on my own. Thanks so much, keep doing what you do. Peace and light y’all.
Beth / SLEEP Herbal Blend
It definitely helps me decompress after a day of work or when my anxiety is off the charts. Thank you very much for the work to make these blends.
Nicholas / RELAX Herbal Blends
SLEEP. NOW THIS AMAZED ME. I have problems to keep myself sleeping for straight hours, I wake up every night between 3 to 7 times and I remember all my dreams, I feel I don’t rest, it got worse after I left the anticonceptive pill on Feb 24. Then I found you guys and had really high hopes for sleep and I was not disappointed. For the first time in over a YEAR I was able to sleep 6+hours straight, 6 hours 50 minutes to be exact, although my dream didn’t stop and I did remember it all, I could rest. YES, finally I could! I have tried many teas, melatonin, mj, medicines, and this is the one that has worked the best for me! Did I say I’m amazed?! =D
Janette / SLEEP Herbal Blend
I am having great experience with dropping seeds. The “Calm” selection is indeed very calming, and you can tell time was taken to select the best flowers and roots.
Nicholas / CALM Herbal Blends
I was very impressed with these samples! I was not sure what to expect as I am new to herbal blends, but I am pleased. There is a good amount in each package so that I could try it more than once to really get a feel of whether I would want to purchase the full size. Some were harsher to smoke than others, but that is expected. Overall they had a nice flavor and worked well rolling, packing in pipe, and mixing with shisha (which defeated the purpose of natural herbal blends for me, but it was still a nice added flavor and benefits). I have not yet had time to try a steam or tea with these, but I am excited to!
Lizanne / HERBAL Sample Blend
Just rolled my first herbal cigarette with this blend and am loving it. Tastes great, very smooth, and definitely mellowed out my anxiety without making me sleepy. I’ve only recently gotten into herbal remedies and was skeptical, but I’m very impressed.
Lindy / CALM Herbal Blends
Love, love, love this. Been vaping and it is really helping me quit cigs for GOOD!! I’m so glad I found this. Thank you, Thank you!!
Laura / CENTER Herbal Blend
I will start off by saying that just the smell of this blend brings you to a better state of mind, the hints of spearmint and rose are amazing. I vaped this before bed instead of my normal bowl of marijuana and can honestly say that I slept so good and was MUCH more in tune with my dream (which was very vivid I might add). Great product, thank you!
Blake / SYNC Herbal Blends
The mix was a really nice element to quitting smoking. It still gave me something to smoke during the process while weening me off of tobacco. I was very relieved that it was completely non-addictive… Thank you, magical plants and humans!
Mariya / HERBAL Sample Blend
Recently purchased this blend to help relax my body and mind after a long stressful work day. Been using it as a herbal smoke, Really brings you to your inner being. Very soothing and mellow feel. Absolutely love it!
Jordan / SYNC Herbal Blends
This sample pack is absolutely amazing! I have purhcased it twice now and my boyfriend loves it. They are all delightful whether or not enjoyed from my dry-herb vape or handrolled. I have gotten compliments from my friends that smoke cigarrettes and are amazed that something like this exists.
Norelyn / HERBAL Sample Blend
LOVE!! I got this as a gift for my boyfriend to help ease off his tobacco addictions and he absolutely adores it! He even got his friends using it too! Great way to encourage a loved one to stop with their addiction.
Ava / QUIT Herbal Blends
I use this blend to relax my body and mind after a long day, and to help me sleep. I have a pattern of insomnia that keeps me up and prevents me from full sleep, but vaping this blend helps me fall asleep almost immediately. After using it, I can expect to sleep 8-10 hours, which is helpful when I need to restore myself. I pack my Pax vaporizer with this blend and use it on the lowest setting, which heats at around 310 Fahrenheit. I’ve found it extremely effective, as well as pleasant to use! The taste is a bit sweet and distinctly herbal, and the vapor is pleasant on the tongue. I can also attest to a feeling of euphoria and slight sedative affect, but nothing that can’t be worked with.
Blue / RELAX Herbal Blend
Your product did help me quit cigarettes =) had a little bit of help from cannabis too hehe. Basically I just slowly replaced cigarettes with your herbal blends that I rolled up myself and the occasional weed break until I found myself no longer yearning to buy more cigarettes and now I only drink your herbal blends and I occasionally medicate with the cannabis (it’s cool I have a prescription =)
Marilianantares / HERBAL Sample Blends
I love the Calm blend! The smell of lavender is so relaxing. Even when vaped you can taste and smell a hint of lavendar. It’s a great alternative when I get stressed and need to calm down quick and deep breathing doesn’t cut it.
Briana / CALM Herbal Blends
I just received the sample set and I can’t wait to sip, soak and vape all of them. I have tried the sun and relax as teas and they are so so wonderful! The taste is really smooth and delicious. I’m really glad that I ordered the sample pack so I can try all the different blends. Can’t wait to order the bigger sizes. Thank you so much for making these amazing herbal blends!!
Romy / HERBAL Sample Blend
I recently purchased a small tin of the Calm blend and I couldn’t be happier. I suffer from a lot of anxiety and have been looking for a way to ease it naturally, as opposed to just taking pills, and ended up trying a few different products around that claimed to calm. None of them really worked and I was always looking. Then, I came across your herbal blends, did a little research and found that your Calm blend seemed to be what I needed, so I gave it a try. After just one use, I felt, actually felt, a big difference. I have been able to go out with my friends and enjoy life, rather than sit and fret or worry about the amount of people. The Calm blend has truly changed my life for the better and I plan on trying some of the other blends as well. Thank you for making a natural product for those of us that need it!
Joshua M. / CALM Herbal Blend
I purchased the center blend for my mother. She absolutely loves it! She vapes it and makes a tea. Now my entire family is drawn to the different herbal blends and their benefits.
Jaleesa / CENTER Herbal Blend
Fantastic. This is my favorite blend thus far – started off mixing it 50% with American Spirit Organic rolling tobacco, currently going one week sans tobacco. Thank you.
Shawn / FOCUS Herbal Blend
absolutely amazing! The quality of these blends are great. vibrant color and great tasting too. Im also glad to see such a large sample pack, I been having fun trying all the different blends. They are helping me cut down on the amount of cigarettes im using. Some of my favorites are calm,awake, sun and moon. Awake and sun are great for getting rid of that foggy feeling in the morning and calm is so helpful when im anxious or nervous, it calms my nerves down and gives a great feeling of peace. I can’t wait to buy full size tins of these blends. Thank for making these amazing blends!
James / HERBAL Sample Blends
I am a new user to dropping-seeds and herbal smoking blends all together. For my first purchase I ordered Hers, Calm and Focus and Quit. Out of all of them Hers is my absolute favorite. It is very light and has a great taste. I find that I am running out of it faster than the others because I like to blend it with the calm and focus as well as use it alone. At first I was skeptical because I have never heard of anyone smoking herbal blends before but I really liked the effect that Hers has on my body. It is a great blend to make you feel calm and lift you spirits, I have already been recommending it to others and I will gladly be continuing to buy this blend. Thank you.
Jordan / HERS Herbal Blend
Hello, Hello, Hello! I got my samples because I wanted to know if the smoke was a harsh burning smoke like hybrids. NOPE! Now I can’t stop thinking about CALM, MOON, AWAKE, SLEEP, QUIT, & RELAX! Wow, I’m so happy and pleased. I’d recommend Dropping Seeds to anyone. Quick story, so I’ve been looking for a way to get off cigarettes and thought this might help. Sure enough when I ran out of samples I was standing in my living room fighting the urge to go buy a pack of cigarettes. Eventually I gave in but I knew in that moment this would help me get off tobacco and nicotine. Thanks for showing me a better way.
Thomas / HERBAL Sample Blend
LOVE LOVE LOVE the Calm blend. As an ex smoker I needed a little something to smoke to help me relax and get rid of my anxiety and it really does the trick. I will order again!
Scott / CALM Herbal Blend
I love the Herbal Sample Blend! I was able to gift a few to my friends and boss. It’s great if you are trying to quit smoking and allows for a lighter/healthier feeling respiratory system. I will definitely order again and I’m looking forward to ordering The Sun And Moon blend for the warm summer nights!
Diana / HERBAL Sample Blends
Trying to quit smoking and I love your product, it provides a pleasant alternative. Thank you, your doing God’s work.
Calvin / SUN Herbal Blend
This definitely works very good, I simply have to pop a few pinches into my kiseru when I’m feeling stressed and I feel a lot better after a few smidges. I’ve noticed that smoking it also puts me into a meditative state which also helps with the calming. An interesting side effect I found was that it made my headaches diminish and disappear when I was smoking. As I only use a few pinches at a time in my kiseru the one mix will last me a VERY long time, but I will be buying more mixes in the future to try out their effects. All I have to say is keep up the good work with these awesome herbal remedies.
KIA / CALM Sample Blend
I am pleased to provide a testimonial for this product. I have long sought a solution to OTC and prescription medications that would assist me with my erratic sleep. I have found that the RELAX herbal blend as a tea each night has done wonders for my sleeping patterns and wellness. I am very pleased with the product and company and would highly recommend to others for similar use.
Michael / RELAX Herbal Blend
I enjoy smoking the products Dropping Seeds offers, either in a pipe or in a hand-rolled cigarette. Sleep is my favourite blend. The smoke is rich, savoury, and just a little sweet — it’s absolutely delicious and smells like a pleasant smoky incense as a bonus! I’ve smoked in front of other people and they have commented on how wonderful it smells. Far better than the lingering stink of stale cigarettes, and so much healthier for you
Stephanie / SLEEP Herbal Blends