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Ultimate Herb Guide: A Journey to Holistic Wellness and Harmony

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How Herbs became my Ultimate Guide

In a world filled with synthetic remedies, herbs emerged as my ultimate guide to a more natural and balanced lifestyle. The deep connection I discovered with sacred plants and their unique properties led me to explore their potential for healing and developing natural remedies. Here are four key moments that paved the way for herbs to become my ultimate guide:

1. Learning about Sacred Plants

My journey with herbs began with a deep fascination for sacred plants and their meaning across cultures. The wisdom surrounding these plants, as showcased in the Gaia TV interview with Johanna Guevara, introduced me to the sacredness of nature and its ability to heal and support us on multiple levels. This revelation sparked my curiosity to delve further into the world of herbs.

2. Cannabis Was My First Teacher

Cannabis played a transformative role in my exploration of herbs. Especially when I became a mom. Far beyond its recreational use, cannabis proved to be an amazing teacher, unveiling its therapeutic benefits and potential for enhancing relaxation and reducing stress. This encounter with cannabis opened my eyes to the vast possibilities of herbs in promoting overall well being.

3. What are Terpenes?

Understanding the power of terpenes in plants, especially herbs, was a understanding that deepened my appreciation for their therapeutic effects. These aromatic compounds contribute not only to the flavor and fragrance of herbs but also to their emotional and physical benefits. Exploring the best terpenes for anxiety show how herbs can be tailored to support specific emotional states.

4. Connecting Plants to Astrology

Another layer of understanding herbs came when I discovered the connection between plants and astrology. Associating certain herbs with planetary elements shed light on the relationship between humans and the cosmos. Aligning with the natural rhythms of the universe through these herbal connections added a spiritual dimension to my herbal journey.

Ultimate Herb Guide to Different States of Minds

Herbs have a remarkable ability to influence our emotional states positively. Whether seeking stress and anxiety relief, meditation, or an energy boost, specific herbs can be our allies in shifting mental states. Here are some herbs to consider for different states of mind:

Herbs for Relaxation

The most sought after use of herbs in current modern society is for relaxation. There are many plants that assist with easing headaches, body aches all the way to insomnia. The most popular and controversial plant worldwide is the Cannabis plant. Its medicinal benefits have been widely documented. As well as its cultivation and usage thoroughly regulated by governments.

Recipe to Destress: Coco Suave

One of my favorite recipes to unwind is with Coco Suave. A delightful concoction that features a blend of calming herbs to promote relaxation and ease stress.

Herbs for Energy

The second most sought after herb in current modern society is for energy. You might not think of Coffee as an “herb” but it is the seed of the Coffea arabica plant that is grinded and drank by millions all over the world to start there day. Other plants like Gingko & Gotu Kola have shown to assist in concentration by increasing circulation in the brain. The Coca plant too is widely legally used in South America for increase in oxygen by expanding the lungs and increasing circulation, similar to another loved plant, Yerba Mate.

“For every human illness, there exist a plant which is the cure” – Rudolf Steiner

Herbs for Immunity

In previous time, before the Inquisition killed off all the local medicine people, herbs were mostly sought after for its immunity boosting qualities. Current studies show how many plants have antibiotic, antiviral and anti inflammatory affects on the body. You can see evidence of this in history with the story of the Three Thieves Oil. Oregano, Thyme and Rosemary oil used on bandannas/mask to keep the Bubonic plague in Europe at bay. The use of many of this immune boosting herbs exist today as only food seasoning.

Recipe for Immunity: Turmeric, Strawberry, and Rosemary Tea

Boost your immune system with my favorite go-to tea during cold season. This recipe combines the anti-inflammatory benefits of turmeric with the delightful flavors of strawberry and rosemary.

Herbs for Meditation

Another use of herbs that pre dates colonization is for what westerners would consider “meditation”. Theses plants, labeled hallucinogens by Western Medicine, have been used by all cultures in sacred practices. They were then introduced to the West through Souther American travels of the Amazon in the 1960s. Depending on how it grows and dosage, there are many legal plants today like Kava Kava and Mugwort that can have a hallucinogenic effect.

Different Ways You Can Use Herbs

The versatility of herbs allows us to experience their benefits through various methods. Here are five different ways you can incorporate herbs into your daily routine:

Botanical Baths

Indulge in the luxurious experience of botanical baths, which nourish both body and soul. The healing benefits of botanical baths can be customized by selecting specific herbs to infuse in the warm water.

Herbal Vaping

Opt for herbal vaporizing as a safer and efficient alternative to traditional smoking. Vaporizers heat herbs at lower temperatures, releasing therapeutic compounds without harmful toxins associated with combustion.

Herbal Spliffs

Rolling herbal spliffs allows you to enjoy herbs in an artful and enjoyable manner. Learn how to roll an herbal spliff to create a unique smoking experience using blends designed for specific intentions.

Medicinal Smoke

Embrace the ancient practice of smudging with medicinal herbs to cleanse and purify spaces, objects, or even yourself. The aromatic smoke promotes harmony and clarity in your surroundings.

Herbal Tea

Savor the soothing properties of herbs through herbal tea. Prepare the perfect cup by steeping high-quality loose herbs or pre-packaged blends for a delightful and beneficial beverage.

Health Benefits

The number one “illness” that is affecting modern society today is Stress. Stress can happen from a disease or an unhealthy habit. But the main physical symptom of stress is inflammation in the body. It is this inflammation that causes the discomfort and it is this inflammation that can be treated by herbs. Depending on the cause of stress, studies have shown that Lavender, Chamomile and Skullcap reduces inflammation.

The second largest physical issue modern people suffer from is Insomnia. Our current model lives, with 24/7 light pollution and interconnected screens everywhere has kicked us humans off our Arcadian rhythms. Therefore, a lack of sleep can create a domino effect into severe physical and mental illnesses. Studies have shown plants like Hops, Valerian and Passion flower work as sedatives.

Currently, post 2020, mental wellness has surpassed world-wide as the number one issue individuals young and old are experiencing. Physical illness, depression and anxiety is the bodies way of telling us something is not balanced in our lives. By the time depression and anxiety starts, it locks us in an unending loop that does not allow us to rebalance our lives.  Studies have shown that plants like Cannabis and Lemon Balm assist in decreasing anxiety.

Safety and Drug Test

Western medicine has concluded that they have not made enough studies to consider herbs safe or beneficial. In the U.S., doctors do not look towards herbs for health or to treat an illness. They prefer pharmaceuticals that can be lab tested and profitable since they are synthetic derivatives of herbs.

Side effects are always possible. As the old saying goes, too much of a good thing is always bad. Even too much water can give you overhydration by diluting all your minerals. The same goes for herbs. The chances of side effects increase with underlying medical conditions. As well as have a negative effect with any pharmaceutical you may be taking.  

While herbs offer numerous benefits, it’s essential to be mindful of potential safety concerns, especially concerning drug tests. Understanding how herbal blends do not show up on a urine drug test is crucial for responsible use.


Embracing herbs as my ultimate guide has been a life-changing journey, connecting me to the profound wisdom of nature and its ability to nurture and heal.  No one can really fully guide you other than the plants themselves. They will take you on a journey that crosses millions of years and millions of cultures. Its health benefits are as vast as the amount of plants that exist. As well as its side effects. So the best place to start is in your own life. What herbs are you already using in your seasoning or as a house plant? Find out the profile and history of each one. Listen to what you feel, experience when you are “using” them? Read and study herb reviews. This self-analyzation of your current relationship with botanicals will guide and introduce you to other herbs. Happy traveling. 

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