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Organic Herbal Blend Collection of 15 Loose-Leaf Tins is the evolution of our diverse HERBAL SAMPLE BLENDS.

Our “ON THE GO” LOOSE LEAF TIN is perfectly portable for your pocket or purse. Each herbal blend in the collection works together to form a tool kit for navigating through your story, with all of its’ ups, downs and unexpected turn arounds. Great as a smoking alternative, contains no Cannabis or Tobacco.

Comes with  Muslin Bath Bag, Hemp Rolling papers and Tea Ball Infuser to get the full experience of  connecting to plants. Highly recommended as an herbal pairing for intentional Cannabis spliffs.

How to Use Herbal Blends

Each Tin Provides

  • ~ 12 Therapeutic Teas | 1 Tsp/Cup ~
    ~ 1 Restorative Baths | 1/4 Cup/Bath ~
    ~ 48 Vape Loads | Temperatures Vary ~
    ~ 24 PreRolls | 1/2 Tsp/PreRoll ~

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What are Organic Herbal Blends?

Herbal blends are a mix of medicinal plants. Each plant targets a specific energetic effect. We use the leaf, petal or crushed root in our final blend. Additionally, all our organic herbal blend are formulated to utilized them in the way that best calls you:

Which Plants Are Used

We individually worked with different plants to pick the best for each blend. First, we experimented with each herb as a tea. Next, we used each herb in an herbal bath. And third, each herb is combined with Cannabis or Tobacco to understand how it burns and vape. The most used herbs you will find in our herbal blends are :

  • Mugwort: Known as Sailors Tobacco. Has a long list of Cannabis-researched terpenes.
  • Rose: Contains terpenes that Cannabis enthusiast love. Clinical shown to lift depressive moods.
  • Spearmint: Its antibacterial properties assist in promoting relaxation

Read more regarding our organic herbal blend benefits of each plant.

Which Organic Herbal Blends Can You Sip, Soak, Vape and Smoke?


  • CALM your over-worked mind {nervous system}
  • PEACE and calming blend
  • SLEEP helps you achieve restorative, healing rest
  • RELAX stressed-out tension in your body


  • – FOCUS encourages concentration and mental clarity
  • AWAKE supports states of alertness & high energy
  • SUN gives you a good dose of Vitamin C to shine bright
  • REVIVE promotes an energy of  energy


  • MOON promotes inward reflection
  • -SYNC supports a state of lucidity
  • CENTER energizes your heart space
  • DEEP dives you into meditation


  • MASC. self-care to balance masc. energies
  • FEMME self-care to balance femme energies
  • QUIT support nicotine withdrawal

History of Organic Herbal Blends

Our formulation is based on historical research. Combined with our own personal usage. The use of smoking, ingesting or soaking in herbs has been documented in human history. In Ayurveda it is called Dhumpan.  And it has been documented in many Meso-American rituals.

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  1. noofhosny

    very good

  2. lorrie.r

    An amazing product, works magic, love everything I have highly recommend your products

  3. Thien

    I was a friend for a trial product relax. I feel great and now I have ordered a set of 12 to experience all the products of the shop

  4. Dee

    I tried the Calm, Focus and Sync. I have enjoyed smoking and vaping with the Sync blend being my favorite so far. I can’t wait to try more. I’ve been recommending to all my friends.

  5. Ariana

    I found dropping-seeds because I find smoking very relaxing but I don’t want to smoke harmful substances. RELAX is by far my favorite. I like to light candles and play soft music while smoking it. Definitely very relaxing on the body. Will buy again!

  6. Melody

    The calm herbal blend is therapeutic. It almost tastes like a field of flowers. I was pleasantly surprised by how much of an effect the calm blend had on my demeanor. 10/10 will be buying again!

  7. Edward Wallace

    Yes! These are all great products! I’ve tried them all (aside from Hers) and I’ve found them very enjoyable to smoke. They are great alternatives to the more commonly smoked things. I must say, my favorite blend is Sun, but you really can’t go wrong with any option!

  8. James

    absolutely amazing! The quality of these blends are great. vibrant color and great tasting too. Im also glad to see such a large sample pack, I been having fun trying all the different blends. They are helping me cut down on the amount of cigarettes im using. Some of my favorites are calm,awake, sun and moon. Awake and sun are great for getting rid of that foggy feeling in the morning and calm is so helpful when im anxious or nervous, it calms my nerves down and gives a great feeling of peace. I can’t wait to buy full size tins of these blends. Thank for making these amazing blends!

  9. Thomas

    Hello, Hello, Hello! I got my samples because I wanted to know if the smoke was a harsh burning smoke like hybrids. NOPE! Now I can’t stop thinking about CALM, MOON, AWAKE, SLEEP, QUIT, & RELAX! Wow, I’m so happy and pleased. I’d recommend Dropping Seeds to anyone. Quick story, so I’ve been looking for a way to get off cigarettes and thought this might help. Sure enough when I ran out of samples I was standing in my living room fighting the urge to go buy a pack of cigarettes. Eventually I gave in but I knew in that moment this would help me get off tobacco and nicotine. Thanks for showing me a better way. – Thomas

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