SUN Herbal Blend

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Mood boosting energy to radiate self confidence. Light and soothing citrusy experience.

SUN is crafted to let your inner SUN shine as a tea, herbal smoke blend, herbal bath or aromatherapy dry herb vape blend! Unleash your revitalized, extroverted-self. Intentionally connect with the sun energy in the essence of this formula and radiate self confidence. Choose SUN as your desired state and enjoy!

  • ⋆ Mood enhancer ⋆
    ⋆ Smoking cessation aid ⋆
    ⋆ Blood tonic ⋆
    ⋆ Nourishing dietary supplement ⋆


  • 12 Teas | 1 Baths | 48 Vape | 24 PreRolls


  • Pinene, Myrcene, Farnesene, Bisabolol, Linalool, Terpinolene, Nerol, Buddlindeterpen, Sesquiterpenes

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History of Sun Herbal Blend

Mood boosting SUN blend was made in NYC during the short and dark winter days. We felt depleted from the lack of sun. Without enough exposure to the sun, our serotonin levels dip. Lower levels of serotonin can increase depression and anxiety.

The SUN blend provided the solution to our Seasonal Affected Disorder. S.A.D. is caused by a lack of sunlight and may be more extreme by vitamin D deficiency. Those that live in the city are at higher risk for S.A.D.

There is no SUN with out MOON and no Moon without Sun. In comparing both these blends, MOONs energy is inward reflection. SUNs energy brings you in outward connection.

Does Sun Mood Boosting Herbal Blend Work?

The blend gives your mood a boost as a tea, vape, smoke or bath.  The SUN blend contains the herbs:

USDA certified organic herbs and fair-traded ingredients are in the SUN blend. The intent of this medicinal blend is to support your health and well being.

36 reviews for SUN Herbal Blend

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  1. Jay

    My review: I love the herb blends I’ve smoked: Focus, Sun, Awake, Quit and Sleep. They’re excellent quality and great pricing. I can’t wait to try more.

  2. Rebecca

    The Sun blend is absolutely a gift. So grateful to have these plants in my home & system. I highly recommend. Thank you Dropping Seeds! ???

  3. Chrissy

    Sun: was my go to in the morning as a tea and a smoke. usually not a morning person but this helped. Definitely felt a connection with the actual ☀️ also a great mood enhancer

  4. Alanna S

    i just got my first order from you today (two days earlier than expected!!) and i tried the sun blend before work. it elevated my mood and shifted my perspective to a more positive mindset which is exactly what i needed for this long shift. i am so excited to try more of your products!! thank you so much!

  5. Nicole Godin

    The SUN blend is my favorite! It’s very smooth to smoke and puts me in a great mood. 10/10 would recommend and purchase again!!

  6. chalseywilder

    It had been a while since i tried this. I really love it. The calendula smells so amazing and soothing. Definitely will have to buy the new size once I’m out.

  7. Chalsey Wilder

    This was a great herbal blend. It’s nice and pretty, and it performs well. It makes me feel more energetic.

  8. D. Lady

    Out of the Calm, Sun, and Moon- Sun was my favorite!!! It’s the strongest and feels the most vibrant. I want to try Deep next for my anxiety. I love these blends!!!

  9. Jamie R Williams

    I’m really Happy that I decided to quit cigarettes for good! the sun blend is my fav I get this wonderful euphoric feeling when I smoke it. It smells and taste great. I’m definitely a returning customer.

  10. Tabatha Bennett

    Such a pleasant smoke! It provides just enough uplifting energy to get me off the couch without being over stimulating.

  11. Liz

    Tried in the sample size, love it! Back to purchase more.

  12. Jamie

    Bought the sample pack and moon and sun are my favorite for sure! All of the blends taste great and mix well with other herbs, definitely reccomend!

  13. Eddie

    CALM is so soothing and smells so nice wafting around the house. SUN is delicious, too. I want to try every blend DroppingSeeds makes! I am a forever customer ❤

  14. Tom

    so so amazing really works

  15. Alex Patoine

    The Sun blend is so useful when I’m feeling down, or when I just need an extra boost of positivity and motivation. It leaves me feeling light, happy, and like I can get things done. It really does make you feel like the Sun!! When I run out I will definitely buy again.

  16. Cassidey T.

    I love love love Sun! I haven’t tried Sleep yet, but it smells amazing.
    I used sun in my dry herb vape and it made it way easier to deal with the daily stress of work and to deal with people
    I can’t wait to try more!
    Thank you ❤️

  17. Jessica Brown

    I finally got to try the sun herbal mix and I loved it so much that I decided to buy a elixir. It’s amazing!! I can’t wait until the others are in stock so I can try them all ?

  18. Lucille Corbit

    I just tried SUN and I loved it !
    I’m trying not to resume smoking again despite being
    Particularly stressed and it totally helps, makes me feel more
    Outgoing and capable to deal with talking to people ❤️ also it tastes great
    And makes my throat feel great !

  19. Sharon Sheshe

    When I found this website, I just said wow! But! It’s too good to be true. I made my 1st order of the small sized tons for sun, calm and focus..i couldn’t believe it like after smoking sun I was smiling and laughing and I had too much energy Ow my God I was just on the go, go, go. I had to tell my mom about this I can’t wait for her to try it in tea form ofcorse. So I used these blends because I had decided to quit smoking cigarettes and for the first time in years I stayed a whole day without smoking even 1cig. Right now I am 2weeks sober of cigarettes and I finished my sun blend I have just ordered a big time of that. Whenever I smoke my blend I say thank you God for these guys. You guys are amazing, God bless you and the work of your hands. I am so happy <3
    Nb:anyone reading this, these blends are for reaaal!

  20. Karebu B.

    I’ve had the calm and sun blends. And I honestly love both.
    I ran out of sun quickly. I plan on ordering more within the next few days.
    With fair prices and amazing blends I think dropping seeds will be a well known business very soon.

  21. Caleb brillant

    I’ve recently had this blend and quickly ran out! I’d recommend this to anyone.

  22. Kayla

    I absolutely loved it and plan on purchasing more. It gave me a little boost in mentality and focus while quieting my anxiety and that is exactly what I need.

  23. Lexi Mancini

    I’ve used the calm blend, and it has helped wonders with my anxiety! During and after smoking I received a pleasant calm and content feeling, but the best part is after I felt my thoughts returning to a very mindful, content, place. A very natural feeling euphoria. It is awesome that I am feeling myself once again thanks to nature’s medicine!

  24. River f

    I love this stuff, smoking it will open your eyes to the world of herbal remedies and how they can change your mood. It is but isn’t a “pick me up” it’s a subdle feeling that leads to a more relaxed, calmed, positive mindset. Great for relieving your anxiousness or any paranoia.

  25. eazybeav

    Great smoke! Wonderful taste and mixes well with other herbal blends. I’m so pleased to have access to this stuff…thank you!

  26. Robert L.

    I was soo pleasantly surprised with the Sun herbal blend, it tastes fantastic and always boosts my mood. It exceeded my expectations, and i can’t wait to try other blends. Thanks for quality stuff.

  27. Hannah

    I tried this and was super skeptical at first. However, I love it! I smoke weed often, but this is nice because it doesn’t leave you foggy and sleepy. Just more of a happy, heady high. Definitely want to try the other blends.

  28. bledet71

    So far, my favorite blends are Calm, Sun, and Hers. Calm is the absolute BEST! So delicious, and leaves me feeling wonderfully mellow and happy after drinking it. Sun is just like a cup of sunshine, with a bright flavor and perky uplift to my day. Hers is richly satisfying and made me feel like purring 🙂 I love these blends, can’t wait to try more!

  29. Terri Bailey

    I was hesitant at first ordering but sun blend Does everything I need to get through my day. love it . thank you

  30. Ericka B

    Hello so my review on your product is…… love it i appreciate what yall do this was my first time trying, but a buyer you will have in me lol. keep at it and ill keep buying. ?

  31. Katrena

    My review of the SUN herbal blend: I have struggled with depression for all of my life. And being back and forth between expensive doctors and medications that start to lose their effectiveness just adds on to stress that I don’t need. I was so glad finding your product and absolutely love it! I even bought a vape pen to use with it but having the tea is super also! I have a much clearer mind and am definitely happier than using antidepressants. It’s such a huge weight lifted off my shoulders knowing that I don’t have to depend on harmful medications in order to live life. I can’t thank you guys enough for this! You rock!
    P.S. I have not yet tried the FOCUS herbal blend, but I’m sure it is equally awesome as the SUN blend!
    Thanks a million for your awesome products!

  32. Nathaniel

    Sun herbal blend has a great taste when popped into my herbal vaporizer and quickly put me into a calm, good mood!

  33. Robert Marvin

    Sun is a great blend that is smooth and always puts me in a good mood

  34. Uri Gumbs

    I use this blend when I’m at work and on break, it brightens my mood and actually seems to give me a positive energy boost that leaves me ready to go back to work. I’m totally in love with this blend!!!!!

  35. Calvin Swavely

    Trying to quit smoking and I love your product, it provides a pleasant alternative. Thank you, your doing God’s work.

  36. shywoodnymph

    This is a wonderful smoke to use when working! Excellent blend and smooth taste!

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