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Meditation and plants have coincided since the beginning of time. The three herbal blends in this Meditation 3-Pack Bundle helps you go beyond the physical and directly address the mind, helping you connect to your consciousness. We highly recommend to combine any of the blends with {legal} Cannabis and go deeper into your inner universe.

Each 28G: 48 Teas | 4 Baths | 192 Vape | 96 PreRolls


ROLLING PAPER – optional

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7 reviews for Herbal MEDITATION Trio

  1. Emily Petryk

    I’m impressed! There’s a lot packed into that little tin. The herbal blends smell amazing and each one has its unique scent and color in it. I definitely feel a calming sensation. This will make great holiday gifts! Thank you so much!

  2. Leslynne Perry

    Loved the teas. Relaxing and delicious. Beautifully packaged in a reusable tin. The benefits are real and tangible

  3. Emma

    Got these for tea. I love it! 💝 the leaves are fresh and vibrantly colored. Always makes a full bodied tea. My fav is moon because I do tend to have trouble at the end of my cycle.🌙 (Try it in a bath too! It’s so comforting! 🛀😍)

  4. Devin

    I absolutely love this trio of delicious organic herb blends. I use them primarily for smoking and they all have a distinct and unique flavor profile. They leave your mouth tasting sweet and fresh after smoking, which is a refreshing change from heavy natural tobacco. These would also make a lovely gift. I will be purchasing again, thank you!

  5. Jaleesa

    I purchased the center blend for my mother. She absolutely loves it! She vapes it and makes a tea. Now my entire family is drawn to the different herbal blends and their benefits.

  6. Claire

    I just want to thank you for what you do and who are you! I am a yoga teacher, healer, and masseuse and can use these blends in various ways. I watched your youtube video and have tried the Moon and Sync blend. Such an amazing taste and smooth inhale. It is a great mix with some of my other favorite herbs. I am going to share this with my friends and family to help support you and the wellness of all beings!

    Thank you thank you thank you

  7. Robin

    This. Stuff. Works!

    I’m a long-time light smoker, and my healer recommended I cut down by rolling my own smokes (organic tobacco + any herbal blend with mullein). I know very little about herbalism, so when I stumbled across this Sync blend that supposedly increases synchronicity and intuition, I ordered it because I thought it was a cute idea… I never expected it to do anything noticeable. Boy was I surprised!

    My spiritual intuition began blossoming earlier this year. We live deep out in the country, and more recently – yes, I know how this sounds! – I suddenly became able to “see” nature spirits (elementals, fairies, whatever you want to call them!) It’s totally bananas… Point being, I soon discovered that if I smoke Sync after dark (esp. without tobacco), before I’m even done with the cigarette, I start seeing those little guys EVERYWHERE, with less effort and greater precision! And the effect lasts a good while. My boyfriend tried it one night and said he could feel subtle energy vibrations on his skin. (Please note: I’m not saying Sync puts you in an altered state. You feel normal, everything looks normal, it’s totally safe. But whatever it is you personally perceive with your third eye seems to get a noticeable boost, which means it does exactly what they say it does! )

    So: I went into this whole experience thinking I might have some interesting dreams, but would just be jonesing “real smokes” the whole time… Turns out it does in fact seem to be opening my third eye even wider, plus I love the subtle flowery/minty flavor, so that now I prefer Sync to traditional cigarettes! 🙂

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Our Inspiration

If you find yourself on this page, then I don’t need to tell you that you NEED to meditate … you know ~ SYNC, MOON n CENTER are just for that.

SYNC blend comes to us thru the inspiration of the In experiencing different herbs, we noticed Mugwort activates your ability to tap into your intuition which requires first being able to listen/see the signs, and next understanding what they mean which many times come in dreams or dream states (Damiana). In being this open, Spearmint supports you in not getting overwhelmed with too much noise and Rose protects you from unwanted noise. Allowing you to be more in SYNC with the universe which is what this amazing movie, portrays.

Our MOON blend is intended for entering meditation states which the Moon energy and symbol represents. And it also nourishes the energy women experience during their Moon cycle, an intense need to go inward and listen to our own Moon. The herbs chosen for this blend interact with our blood, heart and pineal gland, all affected by the Moon and necessary for deep meditation for both Men and Women.

CENTER was conceived when we took a cross country trip from NYC to CALIFORNIA. Not only was it during Mercury Retrograde but we truly did not know what it took to keep a toddler entertained for 3000 miles and be pregnant with our second child. Needless to say, CENTER kept us from getting to stuck with worry and planning but kept our hearts filled with enough happiness to enjoy the changing scenery.

These blend are comprised of hand-picked, fair trade, wild crafted and USDA certified organic herbs. The intent and processing of this medicinal herbal blend is to support the health and well being of each customer.

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