AWAKE Herbal Blend

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Supports states of alertness & high energy. Earthy notes with peppery flavours.

AWAKE is crafted to support states of alertness and high energy as a tea, herbal smoke blend, herbal bath or aromatherapy dry herb vape blend. Give yourself a potent WAKE UP call without the “coffee crash”. AWAKE is a nourishing coffee alternative and overall tonic to keep you going and the toxins out. Choose AWAKE as your desired state and enjoy!

  • ⋆ Coffee Alternative ⋆
    ⋆ Smoking cessation aid ⋆
    ⋆ Blood tonic ⋆
    ⋆ Nourishing dietary supplement ⋆


  • 12 Teas | 1 Baths | 48 Vape | 24 PreRolls


  • Triterpenoids, Linalool, Nerolidol, Buddlindeterpen, Sesquiterpenes

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History of Awake Herbal Blend

AWAKE is our coffee alternative! The herbs chosen for AWAKE get the blood going  with Safflower and Nettles. It stimulates various vital systems in our body with Yerba Mate. In addition to Gotu Kola giving us that push out of stagnant energy.

Formulated as a coffee alternative to boost your mood as an herbal medicinal tea, smokable tea blend, bath tea or aromatherapy dry herb vape blend.

Why is Awake a Coffee Alternative?

Herbs for energy can be more helpful in the long-term. Compared to the short-boost of energy you get from coffee and the coffee crash. The coffee alternative energetic herbs in this blend are:

USDA certified organic herbs and fair-traded ingredients are in the AWAKE blend. We use wild crafted or hand-picked herbs. The intent of this medicinal blend is to support your health and well being.

26 reviews for AWAKE Herbal Blend

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  1. Raeann

    This product is wonderful and tastes great! The only thing I could compare it to is taking a shot of wheatgrass! Just clean energy! I do wish it came in a pack of rolled cigarettes that would be amazing!

  2. Maya Binkney

    This blend smokes smoothly and doesn’t have a harsh taste. Awakes the mind for your day and gives you a subtle uplifting attitude.

  3. Macey E

    This blend feels like it does support energy and kind of wake me up. I personally don’t love the taste, it’s definitely peppery. Other than that, it’s a good blend!

  4. Sage

    So far I have tried Awake, Focus, Relax and Quit…. I have not only enjoyed the flavor of these as herbal smokes, but I have noticed they each work pretty much as described. I am really happy with all four and have already ordered some other kinds to try!
    Thank you!

  5. brynmathsen

    just ordered mine! a friend recommended it to me due to the fact that i’m always tired. she said it would be a better alternative to all the energy drinks i go through. super excited!

  6. R.F.

    This blend has been life changing for me. A year ago I decided I wanted to quite smoking tobacco, but I knew I needed something to help with the oral fixation. I also needed a blend that didn’t have damiana in it, as it makes me super sleepy and sluggish. However, it seemed like all blends I found had damiana in it. After looking around the internet for a bit, I found the AWAKE blend! I haven’t smoked any tobacco products in a year and it’s honestly thanks to the AWAKE blend! I’ve turned a few friends onto this and everyone agrees this is one of the few herbal blends that doesn’t feel like it’s burning your throat as you smoke it. Eternal gratitude to the masterminds behind the AWAKE blend! xoxo, Rojean F.

  7. Aaron

    I have never had a better herbal tea than from you guys. I am amazed at the quality. Amazing to drink and amazing to smoke. First time buyer and this is my first purchase and will be buying again.

  8. Diana Flores

    This was the first product I tried from this brand and so far my boyfriend and I are big fans of this blend. Great to smoke in the mornings , calming and feel more mentally alert. Already ordering more blends from them!

  9. Ezekiel Reyes

    Okay guys where to start this blend of herbs has actually made a difference in how well I sleep. Both me and my wife suffer from chronic insomnia so obviously we’ve tried quite a few things to help us wind down and actually get a decent nights sleep and for once we found something that works and works well. Okay for starters it doesn’t knock you out like a heavy sedative what this blend does is it helps one stay asleep once they fall asleep and it preforms quit well in that aspect we personally use it as a smoke which for that it has a rather unique taste which personally I like but I’m under the impression that it would taste better as a tea and second it doesn’t take as much as one would think about half of a smoke (about the size of a cigarette) and I’m good to go for a nice long nap all in all a good blend good smell and a good smoke if you like the taste.

  10. Shantira Rolle


  11. Lucas

    Totally awesome, better than I ever expected!!!

  12. Maxine

    I recently started using Awake combined with the Focus blend since I already had great results with the latter alone. Together, their effects complete and compliment each other in the exact ways I need. As someone with ADHD and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Awake helps me get that pickup I need in the morning to get going and stay active. I’ve been looking for a solution to my fatigue issues for a long time and I’ve found the answer with this blend.

  13. odonamon

    This was great. Just smoked a full joint (?) of the Awake blend after grinding it and rolling it with a crutch like a cannabis joint. Smoked on the way to work and felt alert but mentally calm. It tasted great and had no harshness like the herbal blend I had been getting from a local Gypsy store. I am stoked to have found this! I don’t smoke much weed, but enjoy smoking and not a tobacco user. This is a Godsend!

  14. Kiana

    I bought this to smoke. I like the flavor. The affect is mellow, but I do feel more productive after use. Unfortunately it is extremely difficult to roll using papers because the mate leaves are large and crunchy. I suppose I could grind it. Would recommend.

  15. ma.landin1

    The blends are phenomenal,not only for smoking but the tea is top quality. Can’t wait to try others!

  16. Gemara B.

    I love Awake herbal blend. I smoke mines to get a boost of energy every morning and it actually works. I was hesitant at first, but this is a great alternative for smoking. I will definitely be trying the other herbal blends. Thank you DroppingSeeds.

  17. Halle Kiesling

    I suffer from a bunch of different medical issues, so getting up and motivated is a constant struggle. I was skeptical at first, but now believe full heartedly that these blends work. Don’t have enough good things to say about dropping seeds!

  18. laceymm711

    I suffer from fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. I have stopped drinking coffee and instead get through my day much more energeticly by using Awake a few times a day. I like to brew it into a tea and it replaces my coffee!

  19. Maire

    It’s really smooth when smoked and really does give me a boost of energy. Such a beautiful product!

  20. Teyon

    We love these products!

  21. Jamie

    I love awake and it really works as a coffee alternative… definitely a 5 star rating from me

  22. Anadoria Delcid

    Love it!
    These herbal blends are a Godsend for my pain management, meditation, and medical needs!!
    I already have my mother hooked!
    Buying more now!!

  23. Stacy L

    Thank you so much for AWAKE blend! I love your product and what it stands for. Thanks for sharing this great creation with the world. I’ll be definitely purchasing more in the future

  24. Ashly

    This was a VERY nice blend!! It made a wonderful tea and produced an awesome smoke. Will be buying again soon! 5 Stars!!

  25. Jordan

    No joke, this is better than coffee without the crash!!! Went from 3 coffees a day to tea and vape break if I really need that lift.

  26. Jordan

    No joke, this is better than coffee without the crash!!! Went from 3 coffees a day to tea and vape break if I really need that lift.

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