AWAKE Herbal Blend

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AWAKE is crafted to support states of alertness and high energy. Give yourself a potent WAKE UP call without the “coffee crash”. AWAKE is a nourishing coffee alternative and overall tonic to keep you going and the toxins out. Choose AWAKE as your desired state and enjoy!

~Recommended Usage~
SIP as a Therapeutic Tea
SOAK in a restorative Face, Foot or Body Bath
VAPE in a dry herb vaporizer at 244°F to 304°F
SMOKE in a Ceremonial Pipe or Herbal Roll

Intended uses:

  • Coffee Alternative
  • Smoking cessation aid
  • Blood tonic
  • Nourishing dietary supplement
~Traditional & Clinical Benefits~

Gotu Kola -centella asiatica-* Strengthens the adrenal glands and cleanses the blood aiding in memory.

Yerba Mate -ilex paraguariensis- Used by the ancient Indians of Brazil and Paraguay, taken as a daily stimulant known to enhance memory, increase energy and stimulate health.

Nettles -urtica dioica- Innumerable health benefits including stimulating the lymph system to boost immunity.

Safflower -carthamus tinctorius-* Helps in invigorate the blood and release stagnation.

Mullein -verbascum thapsus- Reduces the amount of mucus that is produced by the body due to its expectorant and anti-bacterial properties.


• All of our ingredients are USDA Organic as well as Kosher or Wildcrafted when possible.
• Absolutely NO chemicals or pharmaceuticals are added to these blends
• Not for pregnant or lactating women, we have intentional blends for this phase of a woman that are coming soon so join our mailing list!
• If you have a medical condition or on any medication, please consult with your doctor by providing them the list of latin ingredient name (the names in italic)
• Intended for intentional use by responsible individuals.
• Empower yourself by doing your own personal research about plants and the different ways to consume them.