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DEcolonize: Medicine
Brings to the forefront indigineous medicine as well as medical autonmy

DEcolonize: Education
Demands for Critical Race Theory curriculum as well as De-Centering the white historical narrative

DEcolonize: Economies
Requires financial systems to change from racist to racial equality, an example being Circular Economies

DEcolonize: All Relations
Critiques the imposition of compulsory monogamy and State-sanctioned one-on-one lifelong marriage by the settler colonial State.

DoppingSeeds is our answer to DEcolonizing: Medicine and this shirt is a tool to spread this message. 

According to Webster, Decolonization is defined as “to free from colonial status,” however, that is only Step 1 of many. The next steps {that are currently happening} include deconstructing the thoughts, preferences and values that derive from a colonial way of thinking… and then rebuilding our current social structures. Naming a street or putting a face on a coin is only surface solutions to 500+ years of white, patriarchal, settler colonial laws that are the pillars to the structures of society in the Americas.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for and in keeping within our message, each time you purchase a DEcolonize Tee, a tree gets planted in Colombia in collaboration with One Tree Planting. Your purchase will help restore bio-diversity, supports local communities and benefits our overall Earth climate.

.: Gildan 5000 100% Heavy Cotton T-Shirt

.: Water-based, bio-degradable & non-toxic black ink

.: Classic Unisex Large fit

.: Tear away label

.: Please note, currently this product will shipped separately, no extra fee

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