CENTER Herbal Blend

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Energizes your state of mindfulness from the heart. Savoury & full body richness.

Intentionally engage balance and self control to get you through difficult days as a tea, herbal smoke blend, herbal bath or aromatherapy dry herb vape blend. Quickly attain harmony between your thoughts and your emotions so you can enjoy this journey call life.

6 King Size 84 mm | Chlorine-free | Cellulose Filters
28G: 48 Teas | 4 Baths | 192 Vape | 96 PreRolls
30ML: 30 Full Droppers

Alpha-Pinene, Humulene, Camphene, Eucalyptol, Pinene, Limonene, Myrcene, Buddlindeterpen, Sesquiterpenes


17 reviews for CENTER Herbal Blend

  1. Aaron Varga

    This herbal blend might be my favorite thus far. I have tried Awake, Sleep, and Center. Center puts me at ease and calms me down. I use it for my meditation daily and has enhanced my overall experience with meditation. I want to try the entire meditation trio. I highly recommend this blend to anyone that was a calming and warm feeling that sort of shreds away the chaos of the day and all those racing thoughts you know you have. I hope this review helps the community. Thanks.

  2. Dorian

    I absolutely love these products, the center vape juice I’d gotten is just wonderful.

  3. Brandon L

    The center blend is super tasty when smoked and brings my wild days to an end. I’m an anxious person and for something that is natural that works to relive my anxiety is awesome
    Will be buying again in the future!

  4. A. Goodwin


    I wasn’t quite skeptical when I ordered this, but I was a little bit nervous I will admit. I had a few friends who tried it and they really enjoyed the flavor. I have to say when I received my order, I made a glass of Center blend tea, and I rolled some of the Focus blend into a cigarette. I really enjoyed them both. What great flavor is they both have. I would recommend them both highly. People who want to quit smoking, or just lessen the amount of tobacco they smoke can blend this for a really enjoyable flavor. Those who just want to smoke something but have it not be tobacco based will really enjoy this as well. I’m looking forward to trying new flavors. Thanks for making this stuff so easily accessible.

    Barrett Goodwin

    5 Stars for price, ease of ordering and quality of product.

    Thanks again.

  5. Ashley Ramirez

    Just tried the Center blend for the first time and it is very helpful for anxiety. I was feeling quite anxious before I smoked a bowl of the herbal blend and within five minutes I feel more calm and relaxed. It has a wonderful scent and the hit is very gentle. I can’t wait to purchase more products from this site!

  6. Marcus S.

    I absolutely love the CENTER herbal blend. It elevates the feelings in a room, but keeps me grounded in reality. It’s helped me clear my head on days when my mind is racing. It’s also so portable I can take it anywhere to share among friends! It smells great when smoked and it’s really pretty. Also a pinch goes a long way! I’m obsessed!!

  7. Nesma Jones

    Excellent! I’ve been having scattered thinking & rushing through my to do list. But it has really been focusing me & helping think from my core. My critical thinking, patience, and realizations have improved. Also induced a great movement once. Lol sorry if that was too much. Thank you dropping seeds (:

  8. Kealea F.

    Just received my Center blend today! First, it smells truly incredible. I smoked a little bit of it just to try and it was a smooth, pretty hit. After finishing the bowl of just Center, I waited a few hours and then tried Center mixed with cannabis. That was truly something amazing, a really funky body high too. Now I’m enjoying Center as a tea and it’s really nice and floral-y. I’m excited to continue to explore Center as well as the other herbal blends!

  9. Tavia

    I love the center blend, my favorite so far. it smells lovely and as a tea it is EVERYTHING! Much better mood and subtle taste. Game changer for me. Excited to try other blends.

  10. Evan W.

    I purchased a large tin of the Center herbs a short while ago and it’s great! I mix it with other herbs, using Center as a base for smoking and the effects are quite calming. I’ve also used it as a tea and so far I am loving it! Can’t wait to try other varieties.

  11. Mallory R.

    I love the blends I received! My favorites so far are the sync and center blends.

  12. Dorothy Hayslett

    Great product! I smoke it with an old clay tavern pipe. I get it moist by adding orange peel to small quantity of herbal mix before smoking it.

  13. Nash Clark

    ~CENTER~ amazing product and I am quickly running out. The taste and effects are calming and liberating and definitely magical. Thank you for your sharing.

  14. Laura

    Love, love, love this. Been vaping and it is really helping me quit cigs for GOOD!! I’m so glad I found this. Thank you, Thank you!!

  15. Timothy Gillenwater

    This center blend is great!
    Calms me down when I feel overwhelmed, no bad taste, and don’t stick to my cloths if I smoke it.
    Thanks so much for a quality product.

  16. Jaleesa

    I purchased the center blend for my mother. She absolutely loves it! She vapes it and makes a tea. Now my entire family is drawn to the different herbal blends and their benefits.

  17. Donna

    Was not sure what I was getting into with the Center blend. Once I started using it as tea on days that my anxiety took over, I found myself being less negative and more relaxed. It helped stop my mind from racing away with toxic thoughts. Thank you for this great offering.

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Our Inspiration

CENTER was conceived when we took a cross country trip from NYC to CALIFORNIA. Not only was it during Mercury Retrograde but we truly did not know what it took to keep a toddler entertained for 3000 miles and we were also pregnant with our second child. Needless to say, CENTER kept us from getting to stuck with worry and planning but kept our hearts filled with enough happiness to enjoy the changing scenery.

This blend is comprised of hand-picked, fair trade, wild crafted and USDA certified organic herbs. The intent and processing of this medicinal herbal blend is to support the health and well being of each customer.

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