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Getting over commercial cigarette addiction happened for me in two stages:

FIRST your body needs to overcome the chemical withdrawal symptoms. Start with mixing half your QUIT blend with half your commercial cigarette blend. Then continue to wean off by using more of the QUIT blend and less of the commercial cigarette in your hand-roll cigarette till you don’t desire the commercial cigarette any more.
SECOND, your daily patterns need to shift to promote healthier habits. Switch your commercial cigarette smoke break with CALM or FOCUS herbal blend. For example rather then your morning coffee and cigarettes, how about some FOCUS tea or a vape session. Or right before you go to bed, change your late night smoking habit for some CALM warm/ice tea and a meditation session.


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4 reviews for QUIT NICOTINE Trio

  1. Amber Wray

    I got this trio to help me quit smoking and it has worked better than I expected. I haven’t smoked this little tobacco since I started smoking almost ten years ago! I cut back slowly as recommended. I am still mixing a little tobacco into the blends after about a month, but I think it is more a mental habit than physical withdrawal.
    The Calm Blend is my favorite; it’s tasty and relaxing.
    My only complaint is there is quite a bit of little stems/sticks/denser material in the blends. I learned I had to pick them out after I kept poking holes in my rolls. Not a huge deal, I see how it could be challenging to keep all this out.
    Overall I’m very satisfied, thank you so much Dropping Seeds!!

  2. Emily L

    I love this combo to quit smoking tobacco. It has helped me tremendously when I feel the urge for a cigarette. I like the taste of the calm blend and focus blend better than the quit blend. I have only smoked these, however. I think it is awesome there are so many ways to enjoy it! I am stoked to have found something that is helping me quit cigarettes.

  3. S.B.

    I received the DaVinci IQ today and it works great with your blends! I found it works better at a higher temperature than suggested on the herb packaging. Thanks for all of your help!

  4. K Hall

    this product works amazingly!

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Our Inspiration

Tobacco is sacred. It has been used by the natives of the Americas for ceremonial and medicinal purposes. The smoke of tobacco is said to carry your intentions to creator and tobacco medicinally grounds you energetically (that is why you crave it when you are all in your head and stressed and why it helps you poop)

Fast forward to today, and the tobacco sold to us is far from the sacred tobacco our ancestors used. So rather then feeling bad for needing to smoke a cigarette, how about honoring the sacred use of smoke and your own needs that shift from morning to night with healthier coping habits.

These blend are comprised of hand-picked, fair trade, wild crafted and USDA certified organic herbs. The intent and processing of this medicinal herbal blend is to support the health and well being of each customer.

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