What are Smokable Herbs?

Smokable herbs are a Cannabis and Tobacco free alternative to THC and Nicotine.  These herbs provide a range of mental health benefits, such as stress relief, enhance meditation and improve energy. Also known as smokable tea, they additionally help with physical ailments, such as inflammation and pain relief.

Is Smokable Tea/Herb Legal?

Currently, the only plants that have any legal enforcement is Tobacco and Cannabis. None of our blends currently use either plant. All our herbs used are 100% legal in all 50 states. With the exception of Damiana in Louisiana. Also, our blends are not Synthetic Cannabis since we use only organically grown plants and have no additives of any kind.

Do they show up in a Drug Test?

Current urine, saliva or hair drug test are only looking for 8 to 15 (mostly synthetic) chemical compounds. These compounds do not exist in any of the plants that we chose to use in our herbal blends. The compounds responsible for relaxation, energy or meditation are not currently monitored or deemed illegal or unsafe by the FDA.

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Showing 1–15 of 17 results