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Revive blend is bright, uplifting and refreshing with citrusy notes.

Our Highest selves are in constant flux in response to the universe and our surrounding health, work, media, and political lives. REVIVE aids our navigation of our lives ups & downs as a tea, herbal smoke blend, herbal bath or aromatherapy dry herb vape blend.

  • ⋆ Meditation aid ⋆
    ⋆ Smoking cessation aid ⋆
    ⋆ Nerve relief ⋆
    ⋆ Anti anxiety aid ⋆


  • 12 Teas | 1 Baths | 48 Vape | 24 PreRolls


  • Eucalyptol, Linalool, Limonene, Pinene, Myrcene, Neral, Eucalyptol, Thujene, Alpha-Pinene, Cymene, Camphor, Buddlindeterpen, Sesquiterpenes

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History of Revives Formulation

Use REVIVE herbal blend to boost your vitality. This blend invites you to take a break and revitalize your overworked nervous system.

Reviving from stress restores energy and mental resources. It decreases fatigue and sleep disorders. Researchers found taking breaks to revive yourself are beneficial for your cardiovascular system too.

Eucalyptus and Lemon balm assist in resetting your nervous system. In addition to Wild Dagga reducing inflammation in your body. Plantain healing any energetic wounds. This blend will reduce  the need for long recovery periods[1]. Helping maintain performance throughout the day.

Ideal to use for your tea, bath, smoke or vape break.

Originally formulated with the Hemp plant. Currently discontinuing the Hemp plant in our organic herbal formulas. Not gone forever, join our mailing list for future hemp updates.

Does Revive Herbal Blend Work?

Ideal to use after strenuous mental work. Recommended as a tea, herbal bath, vape or smoke break. REVIVE herbal blend contains the following herbs:

USDA certified organic herbs and fair-traded ingredients are in the REVIVE blend. We use wild crafted or hand-picked herbs. The intent of this medicinal blend is to support your health and well being.

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  1. Jordan

    I love it. First tried it from the sample size and loved the taste and feeling it left!

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