Our Plant Medicine Journey

Connect People to Herbs

Our plant medicine journey is full of ups, downs and inside outs. The plants literally tell us to connect people to the power of PachaMama, Mother Nature, Gaia. To improve our quality of life by shifting our vibration from relaxation, to energizing to meditative. Re~connecting via natural remedies.

“We have a connection to the Earth. This connection was disconnected due to colonization 500 years ago. One of the ways to re~connect to the Earth, to our Ancestors and Decolonize society is by consuming herbs regularly.”

Our Relationship with Plants

If it wasn’t for plants, we would not be here. They feed us, clothe us, shelter us as well as make medicine for us.

We must fully recognize our important relationship with plants. A plant medicine journey is more than just consuming plants. We must also protect and honor her in each one of our steps. This is the relationship we seek with plants. You can explore this relationship more in our herb guide.

Through science, plants have shown us the intelligence of Terpenes. Through current events, plants have shown us the need for social healing justice with Equity from Day 1. Plants showed me the need to De~Colonize my medicine, education, economies and all relations.

Honor Natures Intelligence

On your plant medicine journey, you will find, one of the most divine and direct channels to the spirit of the Earth is to commune with herbs daily.

A Tea, Bath, Vape, Smoke or Cleansing ritual creates a healthy intentional habit of using herbs. This habit will assist you in vibrating true to your nature and be able to hear Nature.

Below we share our plant medicine journey and you can read herbal reviews here of our herbal blends.

How It All Started

Decolonize Podcast
On the episode of Decolonize Everything, Johanna Guevara  joins Rebecca to discuss the ways that we can relate to plants and remember ancestral survival skills and healing practices. Johanna shares her personal journey of Indigenizing her family structure, homeschooling her children, and cultivating herbal medicine.

The pandemic showed us the importance of growing our own food, medicine and sovereignty. DroppingSeeds operation moves to the Hudson Valley.

All Beginnings have an End

SirRoan moved on to building and running We Are Earth (WAE), a multi faceted operation featuring high yield vertical farms in collaboration with GROWBOX™. Also, COVID had everyone staying home which made our connection to the plant kingdom bigger.

Deepak + Vogue + Hemp

We presented our blends MOON and SUN tea at Deepak Homebase at ABC Carpet and Home. While for Fashion Week, Vogue magazine feature our RELAX Elixir in an Osteria57 custom cocktail. And our Hemp blends PEACE, REVIVE, & DEEP became the latest ones to join the collection due to the legalization of Hemp in 2019.

Healer Speak

Healers Speak is dedicated to research, support and education regarding Nature and indigenous based Healing practices. Check out below our morning convo over tea:

Gaia TV

Guest appearance on Psychedelica S1:E3 of Gaia TV. Discussing the power of Ayahuasca, how plants first “spoke” to me and its effects on the body, mind and soul with Dennis Mckenna and Graham Hancock. And Psychedelica | S1:Ep6 | where we guess star along Kuauhtli Vasquez, Chris Long, Max Montrose, Daniel McQueen and Michael Winkelman in discussing the ceremonial use of cacti in the Americas.

Food Curated

Food Curated, a James Beard Award-winning food documentary series, featured DroppingSeeds: There Is More to the Medicinal Plant World than Cannabis.

Time Is Art

Time Is Art is an inspiring documentary film that follows the journey of a writer, compelled to make sense of the mysterious and powerful energy she felt at her aunt’s deathbed. We were lucky enough to be part of the series of compelling conversations with fellow seekers Toko-Pa Turner, Richard Tarnas, Graham Hancock, Daniel Pinchbeck and biologist Rupert Sheldrake. WATCH IT TODAY w/ 50% off Online Streaming w/ code: 1111

Lets Talk Tea

We started Herbal PopUps at shops like West Elm and Brooklyn Museum. As well as collaborations with Humblebloom and Bust Magazine. Not to mention our favorite Afropunk Festival curating the Healing Temple with Minka Brooklyn.

Herbs Support Depression

Blogger and entrepreneur, Jazerai Lord ( @nerdlikejazzy) came out of a deep depression & refocused all her energy on teaching other creative women of color how to do the same. DroppingSeeds participated in the Creative Souls retreat to help empower and self motivate with meditation and plant knowledge.

Talking Creativity with Evan Collier

We visited our long time customer Evan Collier (founder of Arch Production and Design) to talk about the impact that herb plays in his work. Evan combined SYNC and FOCUS to dial into his desired state of mind: Focus but relaxed creative flow.

Scale scale scale

Inventory, production, operations manuals all grew. Artist & Tarot reader Angie Guevara working the mid-night hour to keep up with demand.

Our Family Grew Too

As the business grew, so did our family. Picture being 7 months pregnant with a toddler at Joshua Tree after a cross country road trip from NYC to California. Much support and love continued from friends like Bilal Music. And we were part of the documentary Time is Art. It inspired the creation of our SYNC blend that supports a states of empathy and lucidity.


Our growing herbal blend line started to receive press. Interview by NativeTV Kokoro.


The blends started developing in dualistic ways: SUN & MOON, SLEEP & AWAKE and MASC. & FEMME. Soon we found ourselves creating an Herbal Sample Blend for customers to have the full collection experience.

DroppingSeeds Is Born

During a sacred plant medicine gathering, the intention to create blends for mental acuity {FOCUS} and stress coping {CALM} was seeded by the spirit of Ayahuasca. At first, the blends started off being stored in spaghetti jars. As we started to share our blends, positive feedback kept us motivated. Picture of Shantell Martins at her art studio, Soho, NYC.

The End of Mesoamerican Long Count

After much internal healing work, Johanna and SirRoan found themselves happily married & pregnant with their first child. Her two home-birth pregnancies and breast feeding journies would later on influence them in understanding the power of plants.

Path of the Plants

SirRoan began with foraging and medicine mentorships. His education evolved into Permaculture Certification with Andrew Faust and Earthships Biotecture Training with Mike Reynolds.

The Plants are Talking

Johanna & SirRoans global travels very synchronistically turned into studies of sacred plant medicine in Brazil, New Mexico, Costa Rica, Peru and Colombia.

Only a Seedling

Johanna’s plant journey would lead her into certification for Ayurvedic Holistic Coaching, Reiki Level 1&2 and Integrated Energy Technique Advanced. As well as studies at the University of New Mexico for Curanderismo, a Wasteskun Meztli Canada Moon Dancer and Vision Quester in Atlantida, Colombia.

The Great Recession

To adapt to the economic downturn, Johanna closed her graphic design studio and SirRoan closed his music studio in Chelsea, NYC. Together, they embarked on a digital nomadic life after one year of dating.