Wholesale + White Label Herbs

Wholesale Herbs Review

“So, I wasn’t a believer that smoking herbs would calm you down. I’m on anxiety and sleep medication so in my mind I was like “what the heck, I’ll just see” I smoked RELAX it didn’t burn (I’m not even a smoker) at all and as I’m typing I just wanna put the phone down and cuddle with my dog. ?. I can’t wait to try the others. It did what it said it would. I’d like to try the sleep or sun one in the future.


Magnetic Wood Point of Purchase Display with logo engraving.

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Our Wholesale Herbs are formulated to Sipping tea all day. Soaking in a herbal bath. Vaping a botanical mix. Using Medicinal Smoke to cleanse the air from bacteria. Or Hand Rolling our herbal blends with tobacco or cannabis. to smoke with intention.

Read our herb reviews to see how our formulated blends shifted our customers vibrations.

Hand craft botanical blends by certified Wellness Coach. Helping people find relaxation, enhance meditation and increase energy.

Wholesale Herbs Sellers

The list of sellers we work with are:

  • gift shops
  • apothecary stores
  • cafes
  • dispensaries
  • health food stores
  • headshops
  • restaurants
  • workplace cafeteria
  • smoke shops

Do Herbs Show Up in Drug Test?

Our blends are 100% organic, grown with no GMO or pesticides. Blended with absolutely no additional additives or synthetic chemicals added to them.

The standard Urine Drug Test is looking for chemical compounds that DO NOT exist in any of our organic herbal blends. 

Wholesale Herbs Details

12 Units (Tins) Per Case of the Same Herbal Blend
Cost Per Unit $5.00 | Suggested Retail Price: $10.00

Minimum Order: 2 Cases
Turnaround Time:  1-2 Weeks + Shipping

Ask us about about our complimentary Magnetic Wood Point of Purchase Display with logo engraving {shown in above picture} for wholesale herb orders above $480.

White Label Herbs Details

Interested in starting your own Herbal line in 2023? We are now offering affordable white labeling.

Estimated* 1/4-1/2 Lb. of the same Herbal Blend
No Packaging, Sold by Volume, not Weight.
Weight differs base on the plant used per blend.

Minimum Order: 12 Cups
Turnaround Time:  2-4 Weeks + Shipping