Smoking Herbs FAQ

Smoking Herbs Safe

Can you smoke herbs?

Yes, smoking herbs has been documented in Mayan, Ayurvedic and Chinese Medicine. Herbs are smoked by grinding the petal, leaf, stem and/or root first. Next you either roll them in rolling papers or use a ceramic pipe to smoke the herbs.

Is smoking plants safe?

Your lungs and skin will be harmed by any type of smoke. The same harm will happen if the smoke comes from a camp fire, car exhaust or a smokable product.

In our mission to connect people to herbs, we want people to realize we work with plants every day. Surprisingly, most of us don’t realize we are using natural remedies when we smoke a cigarette or have a cup of coffee.

How to work with plants should be a personal choice. You can explore more in our herb guide. We only recommend smoking if you already have a ritual of smoking. Additionally, smoking herbs is a great way to stop smoking commercial cigarettes. It can help you wean off of smoking completely.

Will using herbs affect my prescription or medication?

Speak to your physician first if you have any pre-existing condition.

What do customers say?

You can read herb reviews here.

Vaping Herbs Safe

Is vaping herbs safe?

You do eliminate the smoke when vaping herbs. However, you also expose your lungs to very high temperatures if you vape constantly. Vaping has shown to damage lungs.

We only recommend vaping if you are trying to reduce your exposure to smoke. Additionally, vaping herbs is a great way to stop smoking commercial cigarettes. It can help you wean off of smoking completely.

Tobacco or Cannabis

Do any of the botanical blends contain Tobacco or Cannabis?

No, none of our blends contain the Tobacco or Cannabis plant.

Can you smoke the herbal blends on their own or do I have to mix Tobacco or Cannabis?

You can smoke our botanical blends on their own. Adding Cannabis or Tobacco is a personal choice.

Legality of Smoking Herbs

Are herbs for smoking legal?

Yes, all the herbs we use in our blends are legal in all 50 states. However, damiana is the only herb that is illegal in Louisiana. If you have any doubts, please check your local state government laws.

How old do you have to be to smoke herbs?

First, we recommend to check with your local laws on smoking. Second, we don’t recommend to smoke while you are in your growing phase {newborn to young adult}. Smoke has shown to severely stump growth during the adolescence phase.

Do herbal smoking blends show up on a Drug Test?

No, the active compounds in the herbs we use are not tested for in urine, saliva or hair drug test. These drug test are looking for 8 to 15 synthetic chemical compounds. These compounds do not exist in the plants chosen for our herbal blends. The chemical compounds that are responsible for relaxation, energy or meditation are currently not deemed illegal or unsafe by the FDA.

Herbal Blend Ingredients

Are there any additional additives or chemicals used in the blends?

The are no additional chemicals or synthetic additives to our mixes. We choose specifically USDA Certified Organically grown plants. Picked straight from the Earth, not a laboratory.

Are Herbal blends the same as synthetic cannabis?

Herbal Blends are not the same as synthetic cannabis. Unlike the K2 or Spice brands, we do not use chemicals or synthetic additives. We do not believe in using chemicals or synthetic additives of any kind.

What are the best smoking herbs?

The best herbs to smoke are the homegrown ones.

Where do you get botanicals for smoking?

We recommend to first reach out to your local herbalist, herbal apothecary or herb farmer. You can also find small herb farmers online on Etsy. As well as fine high quality organic herbs on Mountain Rose Herbs and Monterey Bay.