Using Herbs

Ultimate Herb Guide: A Journey to Holistic Wellness and Harmony

How Herbs became my Ultimate Guide In a world filled with synthetic remedies, herbs emerged as my ultimate guide to…

August 3, 2023

How to Use Herbs: Top 5 Ways to Enhance Your Daily Life

Herbs are used for therapeutic and healing benefits by many cultures for centuries. From promoting relaxation and stress relief to…

August 2, 2023

Healing Benefits of Botanical Baths

Taking a warm botanical bath can be a luxurious and relaxing experience. Did you know that adding herbs to your…

May 2, 2023

Best Vaporizer for Herbal Blends

Using a vaporizer for our Dropping Seeds herbal blends is an amazing way of experiencing the intelligence of plants. It…

April 28, 2023

How To Roll an Herbal Spliff

Rolling an herbal spliff serves as one of the most powerful tools in your self-care arsenal. Pair it with artisanal…

April 27, 2023

Go Smudge Yourself?

Does doing Cleansing Herb rituals {aka Smudging) actually work?

April 25, 2023

Do Herbs Cause a False Positive in Urine Drug Test?

Standard Urine Drug Test are looking for chemical compounds that do not exist in organic herbal blends. What compounds do…

January 18, 2021

How to Make the Perfect Cup of Herbal Tea?

A cup of tea has been enjoyed for centuries for its delicious taste and soothing warmth. But beyond its comforting…

November 17, 2019

What are Terpenes for Anxiety?

Clinical studies show Terpenes to decrease Anxiety. Have you ever wondered where plants get their unique smell from? Or why…

October 20, 2019

What are the Planets + Elements of a Plant?

Everything on our planet including People, Rocks and Plants are made from the same elements of Fire, Earth, Air and…

February 12, 2017