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Don’t forget to grind…

… your herb, of course. Grinding your herb improves airflow through your herbal roll or ceremonial smoke. This gives your smoking experience a more even burn and smoother smoke. It also increases surface area, meaning more plant oils get vaporized. Less plant oil are taken by your fingertips trying to break the herb down by hand. This gives your herbal blend more flavor and more potency.

Beautifully designed and engineered this metal grinder includes a catcher and filter screen.

  • ⋆ Easy to care, store and clean ⋆
    ⋆ Use with herbal blends⋆
    ⋆ Portable and pocket friendly ⋆


  • 63mm


  • Metal
    Diamond teeth
    4 Piece grinder

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What is an Herbal Blend Grinder?

Our Herbal Blend Grinder will insure all the plant oils stay in your roll or pipe rather than your finger-tips. Our Herbal blends are a mix of medicinal plants. Each plant targets a specific energetic effect. We use the leaf, petal or crushed root in our final blend. Additionally, all our organic herbal blend are formulated to utilized them in the way that best calls you:

Which Blends can you Smoke?

Our Herbal Blend Grinder breaks down our herbal smoke formulations that are based on historical research combined with our own personal use. The use of smoking, ingesting or soaking in herbs has been documented in Ayurveda (dhumpan) as well as in Meso-American rituals.

  • RELAX stressed-out tension in your body
  • CALM your over-worked mind {nervous system}
  • PEACE and calming blend
  • SLEEP helps you achieve restorative, healing rest
  • – FOCUS encourages concentration and mental clarity
  • AWAKE supports states of alertness & high energy
  • SUN gives you a good dose of Vitamin C to shine bright
  • REVIVE promotes an energy of  energy
  • MASC. self-care to balance masc. energies
  • FEMME self-care to balance femme energies
  • MOON promotes inward reflection
  • -SYNC supports a state of lucidity
  • CENTER energizes your heart space
  • DEEP dives you into meditation

Herbs Used in Our Herbal Blend Grinder

We individually worked with different plants to pick the best for each blend. First, we experimented with each herb as a tea. Next, we used each herb in an herbal bath. And third, each herb is combined with Cannabis or Tobacco to understand how it burn and vape. The most used herbs you will find in herbal blends are :

  • Mugwort: Known as Sailors Tobacco. Has a long list of Cannabis-researched terpenes.
  • Rose: Contains terpenes that Cannabis enthusiast love. Clinical shown to lift depressive moods.
  • Spearmint: Its antibacterial properties assist in promoting relaxation

Read more regarding the herbal benefits of each plant.


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