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Ride the Energetic Waves

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2020 has been something and we are about to enter the second half.

You would think we were in a reality series of the Apprentice and Survivor! From COVID, to BLACK LIVES MATTER to the ECONOMY to EDUCATION and POLITICS. We are in transformative times and if you believe it or not, YOU and I decided to be here for it.

What are Energetic Waves?

Think of all the drama out there and in your own life like a wave in the ocean crashing on you. When you fight it, you are dragged by it. When you surrender and release, you float up. This has been my mantra thru this year. You will find that once you float up, you then have the ability to ride/surf this energetic/emotional wave that always passes.

How does this relate to DroppingSeeds?

Every facet of ALL our lives is being transformed and this transformation is affecting DroppingSeeds in the following way:

Global Supply Chain

Delays in production to delivery due to the economical impact COVID had on businesses is making it harder to purchase raw material like packaging and raw herbs in a timely and low cost way. In addressing this disturbance, we are streamlining our offering to be only the 10G Tins. We are holding off on producing 28G Tins & Elixirs till 2021. Herbal pre-rolls will be available for the holiday season.

Postal Service

The cost and turnaround time for shipping is increasing globally due to COVID, the economy and politics. We ask for your understanding and cooperation with shipping. If we could deliver the blends to your doorstep we would BUT that is not possible.

Worker Own Cooperatives

Extreme inequities in wealth worldwide is showing how the current capitalistic modal is just not working. New models like worker own coops are gaining popularity. Currently DroppingSeeds is researching models to transform into a worker own coop.

Intentional Community

We are depressed as a community because we have been programmed to live alone. It has shown to not only shorten our lifespan but also keep us in an unhealthy state of mind/body. Since DroppingSeeds is a home business, intentional communities (along with worker own cooperatives) is the direction we are moving towards.


Education in America is on a collision course towards unhealthy and unhappy children. We are at a cross road to rebuild the future and it starts with how we educate our children. Having a home business allowed us to customize our schedule to provide home schooling for our children. This means that our home life, our home business and our children home schooling is all intertwined EVERY day.

Simply put, we are not waiting for society to collapse, we are focusing on rebuilding it. And thankfully the plants are here to help us with this transition. During this time, we all process stress differently so we developed the following three Balancing kits.


We thank you for your full support these last 7 years and hope we can continue riding these waves of change! Lets #RidetheWaves into a new future.

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