Commune with Nature

The natural world is full of wisdom. Our mission is being fulfilled daily. Our products connect people to the power of plants to improve the quality of your life. Connecting with medicinal plants to sculpt a life of balance in an ever-changing world is easier than you might think.

There are many ways to commune with nature, from taking a walk through the woods to meditating on the ocean’s waves, you’ll find that absorbing herbs and cultivating the growth of plants is one of the most divine and direct channels to the spirit of the earth.

Dropping Seeds founders Johanna Guevara and SirRoan Smiley began developing herbal remedies to help her through the stages of pregnancy and breast feeding. They started sharing these mixes with others to help them find solutions to the issues that start in the mind, like anxiety, and attention.
Dropping Seeds Organic Herbal Smoke Tea Bath Vape Aromatherapy Blends

“We discovered that we have this connection to the earth and the connection has been disconnected for a long time,” Guevara says. “One of the ways to reconnect to the earth is connecting with herbs regularly.”

The Dropping Seeds Collection gives you the ability to commune with nature, and the benefits of each herbal blend can be absorbed in three ways: imbibe a therapeutic tea, absorb with a restorative bath and ingest by rolling or vaping.

Dropping Seeds Organic Herbal Smoke Tea Bath Vape Aromatherapy Blends

*These products are ethically produced. They contain no hazardous chemicals or pharmaceutical additives, all the ingredients are USDA Certified Organically grown and picked from the Earth. Our product have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration therefore we do not and can not claim to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. All information on our site is provided for historical background and educational purposes. Please consult your physician and do your own research if you have a medical concern. None of our products contain Tobacco or Cannabis and are intended for recreational and therapeutic use by responsible individuals.

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