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The natural world is full of wisdom. We want to connect people to the power of plants to improve the quality of their life. Sculpting a day to day of balance in an ever-changing world is actually easier than you might think.   There are many ways to connect to nature’s intelligence, from taking a walk through the woods to meditating on the ocean’s waves. But you will find when using our blends, that one of the most divine and direct channels to the spirit of the earth is through absorbing herbs via tea, bath, smoke, vape, culinary & mixology.  

“We discovered that we have this connection to the Earth and the connection has been disconnected due to colonization 500 years ago. one of the ways to reconnect to the Earth and to our Ancestors is connecting with herbs regularly”

Dropping Seeds founders Johanna Guevara-Smiley and SirRoan Smiley began developing herbal remedies to help her through the stages of pregnancy and breast feeding. They took what they learned and created blends that they shared with others to help them find solutions to the issues that start in the mind like anxiety or lapses in concentration.  

Johanna migrated to America with her family in the 80’s. As a last generation Colombian, her upbringing under the 7 Train in Queens, NYC was mostly in Spanish. As with many Central, South American and Caribbean countries, both of her Grandmother’s were influential and always had a plant for every ailment.
From very young, Johanna’s passion was creating. Her drive and determination lead her to graduate with a BFA from Parsons School of Design. Only to grow her freelance business into a full time studio only a few years later with clients like Time Inc., CUNY, Afropunk, Department of Education, HighTimes and Sony Japan.
In 2008, after the economic tensions, she decided to travel the world with her partner SirRoan and pursue her love for plant photography, specifically the ones that grow against all odds in concrete filled cities like Brooklyn, Venice and Athens. These travels very synchronistically turned into studies of sacred plant medicine, Ayurveda & Curanderismo with different masters from Brazil to New Mexico to heal personal emotional traumas. Johanna has also received certification in Reiki Level 2, Integrated Energy Technique Advanced , a Wasteskun Meztli Canada Moon Dancer and a Vision Quester in Atlantida, Colombia.
In Sept of 2013, during a plant medicine gathering, the intention to create blends for mental acuity {FOCUS} and stress coping {CALM} was seeded. After consulting herbalist, mentors and peers, an Etsy shop was created and due to its popularity, its own e-commerce was established soon afterwards. The new group of blends soon developed in a dualistic way with SUN & MOON, SLEEP & AWAKE and HIS & HERS thanks to our customers who’s feedback we would follow through on. Our three new recent Hemp blends PEACE, REVIVE, & DEEP are the latest ones to join the collection thanks to the recent legalization of Hemp.

“We quickly realized that our products improved the quality of our customers lives and her current mission became clear: connect people to plants.”

Herbal Experience Profiles

SirRoan is a Brooklyn native, multi-media producer, and regenerative designer. Like others with upbringings in NYC during the twilight of the Reagan years, SirRoan was exposed to the codependence of substance abuse at an early age. This contributed to lifetime of paradoxes concerning human behavior, mind altering substances, human consciousness, perseverance, and the difference between intentional and unintentional living. His outlet of choice was sound and as a successful music producer, songwriter, and entrepreneur, SirRoan accessed an endless well of creativity in writing music with Swizz Beatz, Gucci Mane, and many more established publishers.
After the recession in 2008, SirRoan traveled with Johanna and began foraging and medicine mentorships that evolved into developing homemade prenatal herbal blends in 2012 during the gestation and eventual home birth of their oldest child.
This myriad of influences drove SirRoan to study plants and the components of their habitats as the basis of all life enhancing material as well as commodities utilized by humans. SirRoan’s continuous drive led him to Permaculture Certification with Andrew Faust and Earthships Biotecture Training with Mike Reynolds.
Dropping Seeds is unfolding dynamically, allowing SirRoan to put to utilize many of his talents as an entrepreneur in entertainment, finance, branding, digital content, sales, and e-commerce.

“I stay centered everyday with herbs and meditation”. This process has transformed the trauma of systematic degradation of POC into a well spring of empathy that informs me how to energetically work with plants and people.”

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