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Tumeric, Strawberry & Rosemary Tea

Tumeric root, rosemary and strawberry on white background

With ALL the emotional and mental up and downs, everyone’s immune system can use a boost.

These simple three ingredients jumped out at me when my daughter got a head cold:

Turmeric to decrease inflammation ?
Rosemary with it’s anti bacterial powers ?
Strawberry filled w/ antioxidant strength ?

Cut all the ingredients into smaller pieces plus hand smushed the strawberries and boiled in a medium pot. Once cooled, I flavored the tea with lime and honey and was pleasantly surprised to see the color vibrate in this tea.

Had the whole family happily drinking it. Even turned it into popcycles to ease the fever. I also secretly added a small clove of garlic to make it extra medicinal … but don’t tell my kids ?

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