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Ultimate Herb Guide: A Journey to Holistic Wellness and Harmony

Curandera Garden sign.

How Herbs became my Ultimate Guide In a world filled with synthetic remedies, herbs emerged as my ultimate guide to a more natural and balanced lifestyle. The deep connection I discovered with sacred plants and their unique properties led me to explore their potential for healing and developing natural remedies. Here are four key moments…

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Can You Smoke Mugwort ~ Artemisia vulgaris ?

Smoking Mugwort Herbal Blend

Mugwort is smoked by Witches to Sailors. When Mugwort is smoked, her thick, white and low-odor smoke has a neutral and soothing smell. In delivering its medicinal properties to your head cavity, it can release headaches and increases lucid dreaming. Mugwort tea is great for digestion during painful menstruation. It can stimulate the digestion to…

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