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How to use Intention & Cannabis

Organic Spliff Review with artist Evan Collier of Arch Production and Design

For cannabis aficionados, smoking herbs is nothing new however many don’t know that you can smoke more then the two most popular herbs: tobacco and cannabis. DroppingSeed’s ethically crafted, premium multi-use herbal blends are designed for you to not only sip as tea or bathe in an herbal bath but also dry-herb vaporize and smoke alone or in a organic spliff. As Marley Natural launched there new Black Walnut Accessories collection, they also featured DroppingSeeds as their preferred legal herb (second to their cannabis strains of course)

Its a win-win relationship between Marley Natural and DroppingSeeds. Not only does Cannabis amplify the effects of the herbal mind-shifting formulas, but the herbal blends themselves help you stretch out your cannabis much further, creating savings. We visited our long time customer Evan Collier (founder of Arch Production and Design) to talk about the impact that herb plays in his work. Evan combined SYNC and FOCUS to dial into his desired state of mind: Focus but relaxed creative flow.

“I smoke to let my creativity flow uninhibited. Dropping Seeds is conducive to what the medicine (THC) has to offer you”

According to another satisfied customer:

“Your product did help me quit cigarettes =) had a little bit of help from cannabis too. Basically I just slowly replaced cigarettes with your herbal blends that I rolled up myself and the occasional weed break until I found myself no longer yearning to buy more cigarettes and now I only drink your herbal blends and I occasionally medicate with the cannabis (it’s cool I have a prescription =)

“We all have an innate connection to the earth and we emotionally feel off when we get disconnected,” the co-founders Johanna & SirRoan Smiley say. “One way to balance our emotional states is by reconnecting to the earth through utilizing herbs (something Marijuana users have always known) rather then enduring side-effects and addictions with pharmaceutical drugs.”




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