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Our herb reviews will show that all our customers have successfully experienced a connection to the plant kingdom. From Sipping tea all day. Soaking in a herbal bath. Vaping a botanical mix. Using Medicinal Smoke to cleanse the air from bacteria. Or Hand Rolling our herbal blends with tobacco or cannabis. All our herb reviews show a shift in the vibration of each customer.

Since 2013, Dropping Seeds has been offering natural remedies by a POC/Womxn certified Holistic Health Coach. Assisting many around the wold to find relaxation, increase energy and enhance meditation with natural herbs. We offer wholesale and white-labeling services as well as a wellness ambassador program.

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Even when its latched shut the herbs still manage to fall through the seams and you get little bits of herbs floating in your tea. Hate that! But for $2 I guess you get what you pay for.

8 years ago