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Can You Smoke Blue Lotus Herb?

Blue Lotus can be used as an herbal smoking blend, for an herbal bath, tea and aromatherapy dry blend.

The Blue Lotus Herb is one of the most beautiful plants highly admire by all the ancients.

Blue lotus herb is a sight to see. No mud no lotus is a true testament to the polarities in this dimension. When sipped in a tea, used in a bath or smoked, Blue Lotus has a calming, euphoric and aphrodisiac quality. The sedation feeling give you sense of peaceful relaxation. This plant originates from North and Central Africa. You cam find Blue lotus along the banks of the Nile River in Egypt.

Historical Use

Egyptians and Mayans use all the different color Lotus as part of funerary ceremonies to reach higher levels of consciousness. Ancient Greek and Roman priest ncluded Blue Lotus in their spiritual practices. They believed to be the plant that Lotophagi ate in “The Odyssey“.

In many religions, the Blue Lotus herb represent symbols of eternal life, revival and reanimation. The sun-god Ra was born from a Blue Lotus, and in its glory flowers bloom from 8 am to noon. Blue Lotus is a symbol of death and resurrection of Osiris. According to Buddist legend, Gautama Buddha‘s first steps made lotus flowers appear everywhere he stepped.1


Ancients have been using Blue Lotus as a rejuvenating herb. Modern science catches up thru studies showing its high antioxidants and anti-aging agents. It reduce symptoms like loss of elasticity, acne, pores, wrinkles, fine lines, and blemishes2. Making the petals of the Blue Lotus highly used in herbal baths and teas.

Main Active Substances

The two main active substances in Blue Lotus herb that are responsible for the flower’s various effects are the alkaloids nuciferine and aporphine. Nuciferine, activates serotonin and dopamine receptors.3

Nerol and Terpinolene are the main terpenes that can exhibit a sedative effect. Blue Lotus herb is an effective treatment of anxiety, insomnia, and panic attacks.3

1. Neroli: Neroli is known for promoting a relaxed and slightly hypnotic feeling and can be a helpful catalyst for lucid dreaming and sparking creativity. It aids sleep due to its soothing qualities and functionality as a natural tranquilizer.

2. Terpinolene: Studie show Terpinolene contributes to cerebral stimulation. Terpinolene heightens your energy which increases productivity and focus.

Blends with Blue Lotus


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