What is Equity from Day 1?

From many People of Color in New York, Cannabis legalization is more then just another tax commodity. It is the end of decades of cannabis prohibition that has affected millions.

“Over the last twenty years, the enforcement of marijuana prohibition has devastated communities across the state of New York. It has been a tool for the hyper-criminalization of young people of color and has been the justification for unconstitutional policing practices.”

Don’t Know What I Mean?

Then check out this video by the Drug Policy Alliance teaming up with Jay Z and Molly Crabapple.

So What Can You Do?

?? Find your assembly person and their address HERE

?? Find your senator and their address HERE

?? Download, Sign and Mail THIS LETTER that addresses pathways for education, jobs and support.

Time is of the Essence

Since April is right around the corner, join me and many others in having the following points be heard by sending out the letter asap:

  • Social Equity Programs ​DAY ONE​ at local, state, and federal levels that provides licensing,business assistance, capital and mentorship to women, people of color, and those who havebeen directly impacted by cannabis prohibition.
  • Affordable and/or subsidized cannabis medicine for low-income patients.
  • Earmarking of cannabis tax revenue for communities impacted by the the War on Drugs.
  • Provide resource hubs, incubators ​worker protections, healthcare, living wages, unionization,worker-owned businesses, in the cannabis industries.
  • Control both the size and the number of licenses for both large and out-of-state operations.
  • Help structure a craft farming industry similar to the craft brewing industry.
  • New laws authorizing the growing of new crops include the Carbon Farming Act.
  • Pushing Auto vacate of cannabis convictions and post-conviction relief.
  • Access to jobs and ownership regardless of prior criminal cannabis convictions.
  • Giving immigrants and DACA protected citizens ways to be part of the cannabis industry withoutfear of deportation and/or ICE.

(Letter by www.humblebloom.co)


New York has finally become the 15th state to legalize Cannabis. Don’t celebrate just yet. Its progress but the steps for full social equity is yet to be fully outlined by the recently formed Office of Cannabis Management. They aim to :

“Establish a robust social and economic equity program to actively encourage members from communities disproportionally impacted by the policies of prohibition to participate in the new industry.”


“Encourages small business and farmers to participate in the cannabis industry with the creation of microbusiness, cooperative and delivery license types.”

They also published a 75 Page Impact Assessment Report that shows how “Marijuana Prohibition” has resulted in disproportionate criminalization of black and brown people:

“Across the country, individuals who are Black are nearly four times more likely than individuals who are White to be arrested for marijuana possession, despite data showing equal use among racial backgrounds.”

More legislation/rules to come by Fall 2021 that will affect Hemp products and High THC Cannabis products  in regards to standards for production and manufacturing, strict product testing, labeling, packaging and advertising.


Regulation is finally being finalized with the Office of Cannabis Management. One main regulation with respect to hemp flowers is they can be sold—but they can’t be marketed “for the purpose of smoking or be in the form of a pre-roll, cigar or joint.”

Hemp-infused foods and beverages will also be allowed but regulations “prohibit the sale of Delta-8 THC products.” 

The issuance of these regulations means that OCM will be able to start issuing final licenses for the hemp-derived cannabinoid market. While the rules take effect immediately, businesses will have a six-month window to get into compliance with new testing, packaging and labeling requirements.

Adults 21 and older can possess up to three ounces of cannabis or 24 grams of concentrates in New York—and they can also smoke marijuana in public anywhere tobacco can be smoked—but there aren’t any shops open for business yet.

The state Department of Labor separately announced in new guidance that New York employers are no longer allowed to drug test most workers for marijuana.

More to come regarding the state’s cannabinoid hemp program.



Johanna Xochicuāuhtli Guevara, the visionary behind DroppingSeeds, brings an extensive wealth of knowledge and a decade of experience to the forefront. Boasting a decade-long tenure in the holistic wellness arena, Johanna is a certified Ayurvedic Holistic Health Coach, having trained under the guidance of Dr. Naida Marballi. Additionally, she holds certifications in Reiki Level 1&2 and Advanced Integrated Energy Technique from MinkaBrooklyn. Johanna is not only a Wasteskun Meztli Canada Moon Dancer and NanixiTemikiMetzli New York Moon Dancer but also a dedicated Vision Quester in Atlantida, Colombia. Her overarching mission is to empower individuals to take control of their well-being, fostering positive and enduring transformations in their lives.

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  • I saw your video and it brought tears to my eyes. I would love to take my calling to the next level. I’ve always had a love for plants and wanted to work with them. I would like to thank you for following your calling. I live in NJ and I will support your business. I can’t wait to visit your shop

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