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The Magic of Smoking Mullein

Smoking Mullein leaves open breathing airways.

Smoking Mullein is one of those plants that will definitely give you a different perspective on the history of smoking. It has long been used as a healing herb with its main reputation as a respiratory remedy.¹ Mullein has white, yellow or orange flowers. Mullein grows 2 meters high with fluffy and hairy leaves. A biennial, meaning it has a two year life cycle.

Mullein in History

Natives to the Americas treated asthma by drying and smoking Mullein leaves. They burned the leaves in a fire or bundle with the aim of inhaling the rising smoke to open breathing airways.²  Its astringent, sedative, and relaxing properties treat respiratory issues like asthma, cough or colds.

Energetic Signature of Smoking Mullein

Energetically the lungs hold grief. Grieving is a dense and transformative time. Mullein helps to let go of trauma that can build up in the lungs.

Dry the Mullein leaves to use as a tea, tincture or in a vaporizer. Mulleins versatility is the reason why all our herbal blends contain this plant. It has a positive effects on the lungs and mild sedative effect.

The  most commonly used part of the plant is the leaves and flowers. It benefits the respiratory system as a remedy for asthma. Used in cough remedies to sooth the pain associated with irritation from coughs and infections.

Mullein is a perfect example how as a warm tea or with the act of smoking, you can ingest the plant medicine.

Blends with Mullein


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