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The Magic of Mullein

Mullein is one of those plants that will definitely give you a different perspective on the history of smoking.

It has long been used as a healing herb with its main reputation as a respiratory remedy.¹ With its fluffy and hairy leaves, it grows more than 2 meters high with white, yellow or orange flowers. A biennial, meaning it has a two year life cycle.

Natives to the Americas treated asthma by drying and smoking Mullein leaves or burning the leaves in a fire and inhaling the rising smoke to open airways.²  Its astringent, sedative, and relaxing properties treat respiratory issues like asthma, cough or colds.

When you dry the leaves, you can use it as a tea, tincture or as a smoking /vaporizing herb. All our tea and smoking herbal blends contain this plant due to its positive effects on the lungs and mild sedative effect. Energetically the lungs hold grief and during these dense and transformative time, waking up to trauma and letting go of trauma can build up in the lungs.

The  most commonly used part of the plant, the leaves and flowers, benefit the respiratory system as a remedy for asthma, cough remedy (many herbal cough syrups contain Mullein) and soothes the pain associated with irritation from coughs and infections.

Mullein is a perfect example how as a warm tea or with the act of smoking, you can ingest the plant medicine.


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