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Smoke the Herb

Shakespear meme smoking a pipe

Our ancestral romance with inhaling plant fumes started 7,000 years ago. Very likely the first plant to be burned and inhaled can be tracked back to humans inadvertently inhaling fumes off of burning vegetation. Imagine a small bush burning during a campfire … Imagine a strong wind bring the fumes your way… Imagine that you’ve never casually smoked a cigarette or cannabis before … And the burning plant you’ve smelled is filling you up with sensations and moods in the unique way that plants do.

Indigenous healers on every continent used fire and burning specific plants to purify themselves, the ones they treated, and sometimes whole societies. Natives of the Americas say that smoke connects to the air and therefore with “Great Spirit”. Great Spirit is comparable to Brahma in Hinduism as the entity that contains all entities. The act of smoking is still used by traditional Indigenous healers today in rituals to connect breath to Great spirit.

In Western history, just recently, some centuries-old pipes found in the garden of William Shakespeare still contain traces of cannabis, according to South African scientists who examined the relics with forensic technology. Makes you do a double take when thinking about his work…

Although smoking a plant is the least efficient method of consuming most plants for their healing properties, it is often the most rapid method of experiencing the sensation of the plant. With all this in mind, each of our blends are crafted with sensitivity for creating a balanced state of mind if you inhale, ingest or absorb the plants properties through the skin. When smoking Dropping Seeds blends with tobacco or medicinal cannabis you may feel that the cannabis and or tobacco heightens the characteristics of the herb in the blend. Have fun exploring and note that we only encourage vaporizing and smoking for those who prefer to smoke responsibly.

3 thoughts on “Smoke the Herb

  1. Thx for your interest. You can use a wood or ceramic pipe, as well as roll them in rolling papers. Side effects are based on your body composition. None of our blends have any chemicals in the growing or blending process. You are ingesting the benefits of the plant.

  2. What kinda pipes can I use or can I use paper roll maybe something else What is it good for and are there any side effects

  3. Can I use any pipe or do certain ones work better than others?

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