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You can Smoke This? Part 2

Quit Smoking Herbal Smoking Blends

If you are reading this then it means you are currently a smoker. If we dissect why you started, we’d probably attribute it to stress, peer pressure, a familiar smell, social use while drinking, and oral fixation. Whichever way that you were introduced, you received “some” of the benefits of the tobacco. You kept trying and alas you can’t stop. Realize that you are NOT still smoking for the original reason, especially if you are smoking commercial cigarettes.

I bet if I handed you real pure organic tobacco, you would really enjoy it and you wouldn’t take more the 3-4 puffs due to its potency. You’d be satisfied with the nicotine content. Nicotine is an alkaloid that in lesser doses produces a relaxing and stimulating effect, and increases the level of dopamine and serotonin. Unfortunately the cigarettes most of us are used to smoking have modified tobacco, and loads of additives that keep us entangled in a dysfunctional way (Learn more about the dangers of commercial tobacco).

If you’re ready to reduce tobacco use or fully commit to quitting commercial cigarettes then you need to first give nicotine less control over you. Attempts at ending cigarette addiction often leads to frustration, because withdrawal from nicotine is very difficult to deal with. Most methods either have a form of weaning (using nicotine chewing gum of patches to control the urges) and therapeutic approach that requires a psychological commitment and sometimes hypnosis. DroppingSeeds QUIT herbal blend assists in healing nicotine addiction and supporting the organs afflicted by excessive tobacco smoke. Lobelia acts as a non addictive nicotine substitute reducing the withdrawal symptoms. Mullen and Lobelia both aid in rehabilitation of the trachea and bronchial damage accumulated over the course of the cigarette habit. Additionally, having the option to prepare QUIT as a tea, bath, vape, or a smoke gives you the versatility of use appropriate for your lifestyle.

If its cannabis you want to reduce or cut back on on then DroppingSeeds artisan herbs are a great resource. By mixing our intentional blends with your marijuana you’ll get less of the THC “high” and more of the specific properties of the plants in your favorite DroppingSeeds herbal blend. Each of our blends are crafted to compliment marijuana by allowing the cannabis smoker, vape head, and cannabis-cuisine chef to select a desired state of being and achieve it, instead of simply feeling stoned. Among the many benefits of this match made in heaven is that you will spend money, by consuming less ganja while finding new ways to enjoy your favorite herbal blends.