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Which Blend is Right for You?

Organic Herbal Smoke Tea Bath Vape Aromatherapy Blends

DroppingSeeds chooses high quality herbs grown organically with no chemicals added other then sun, rain and soil. When we create our blends, the inspiration for each intention comes from our own intuitive understanding of the different paths we are all on. We add no synthetic or artificial ingredients and only give our blends 100% love and attention to make sure whoever uses them receives the energy that they are seeking.

In picking your herbal blend, the first question you should ask is “what part of my life needs balance”?

Have a hard time prioritizing?

Herbal Smoking Blend

STIMULATING herbal blends are for you.FOCUS blend is my favorite, especially when mixed w/ cannabis, which further activates the blends brain-power abilities. AWAKE blend assist with moving the blood helping you get out of bed in the morning. And SUN is my go-to blend when we have a string of cloudy days or I’m going out to enjoy the night and mingle.


Can’t sleep?

Herbal Smoking Blend

CALMING herbal blends work best.The ingredients in our CALM blend are meant to calm your nervous system while RELAX is meant to be a muscle relaxant. CENTER keeps you in the middle ground if you are too hyper or too tire. While SLEEP blend uses herbs best know for its sedative effects.


Your mind is racing all the time.

Organic smokable tea herbal smoke bath blend

MEDITATION herbs are ideal. Our MOON and SYNC blends use herbs that clinically and historically activate your pineal gland. And the herbs in CENTER will energetically connect you to your true self.


Smoking too many commercial cigarettes?

Quit Smoking Herbal Smoking Blends

QUIT SMOKING blends are recommended to fool the body into thinking it has nicotine in your system. Our QUIT blend comes w/ or w/out spearmint so you can use as a tea if you want to fully stop exposing yourself to smoke.


Planning a romantic night?


APHRODISIAC blends are perfect. HIS and HERS are blended specifically to excite the body and its multi use is ideal for smoking it, making a delicious meal or warm cup of cacao, not to mention a luxurious bath for either one.


Still Can’t Decide?


Go for our HERBAL SAMPLE BLEND, it comes with all 12 blends so you can try them out in a vaporizer, pipe/papers, tea or bath. Enjoy!