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What are Sacred Plants?

POC herbalist speaking in front of white feather and purple background

On the new Gaia TV, I discussed how plants first “spoke” to me through my camera lens. Since my twenties I took an innumerable amount of images of plant life especially in urban settings… specifically the ones that broke thru concrete. The universe then guided me to Burning Man festivals for over a decade which then was followed by sacred plant medicine gatherings that took me all over the world from Greece to Brazil. Fast forward to today and I can truly state that my relationship with plants have left therapeutic benefits and life-changing effects on my life, leading and guiding me to directly develop Dropping Seeds. 🌿

Check out my guest appearance on Psychedelica S1:E3 of the new Gaia TV discussing the powerful effects of Ayahuasca and its effects on the body, mind and soul with Dennis Mckenna and Graham Hancock. Discover why new findings in science and spirituality point to this sacred medicine as a tool for mental illnesses, offering medicinal benefits and sparking life-changing events.

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