SLEEP Organic Elixir

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Gently support states of deep rest. Soothing lavender notes & seductive aroma.

SLEEP elixir is crafted to gently support states of deep rest as an vape liquid elixir or mixology magic. SLEEP is intended as a non-addictive alternative to pharmaceutical sleep aids. Feel free to have a vape break to choose SLEEP as your desired state and rest well !

~ Use as an organic vape liquid
~ Gourmet flavouring for baking
~ Syrup for Lemonades or alcoholic cocktails
~ 100% Vegetable Glycerin | 0% Nicotine

30ML: 30 Full Droppers

Pulegone, Humulene, Myrcene, Ocimene, Nerol, Farnesene, Caryophyllene, Myrcene, Farnesene, Bisabolol, Linalool, Ocimene, Lavandulyl Acetate, Buddlindeterpen, Sesquiterpenes

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With two toddlers, falling asleep for us is not an issue (getting time to sleep is). But in a “time before babies” and for many stressful individuals, real sleep is hard to do. Unfortunately many pharmaceutical companies are making a killing (literally) out of sleeping pills and creating addictions. Our SLEEP blend is a gentle way to slide into delta mode with herbs that calm your racing thoughts (Lavender & Hops) and your nervous twitch (Chamomile & Passion Flower) without addiction or overdosing.

This blend is comprised of hand-picked, fair trade, wild crafted and USDA certified organic herbs. The intent and processing of this medicinal herbal blend is to support the health and well being of each customer.