SLEEP Herbal PreRoll

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Gently support states of deep rest. Soothing lavender notes & seductive aroma.

SLEEP herbal pre-rolls is crafted to gently support you to get some rest. SLEEP is intended as a non-addictive alternative to pharmaceutical sleep aids. Feel free to choose SLEEP as your desired state with King Size PreRolls.

PreRolls: 6 King Size 84 mm | Chlorine-free | Cellulose Filter

Pulegone, Humulene, Myrcene, Ocimene, Nerol, Farnesene, Caryophyllene, Myrcene, Farnesene, Bisabolol, Linalool, Ocimene, Lavandulyl Acetate, Buddlindeterpen, Sesquiterpenes

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2 reviews for SLEEP Herbal PreRoll

  1. Jessica

    I was looking for something to substitute sleeping pills and this actually did the trick. After you get used to the taste its pretty good. Works for me. Will continue ordering.

  2. Laura D

    I was skeptical, but this stuff is great. I was an everyday cannabis user for insomnia, but I had to stop due to a job. It doesn’t taste as good as I was hoping, but it does the trick!

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With two toddlers, falling asleep for us is not an issue (getting time to sleep is). But in a “time before babies” and for many stressful individuals, real sleep is hard to do. Unfortunately many pharmaceutical companies are making a killing (literally) out of sleeping pills and creating addictions. Our SLEEP blend is a gentle way to slide into delta mode with herbs that calm your racing thoughts (Lavender & Hops) and your nervous twitch (Chamomile & Passion Flower) without addiction or overdosing.

These King Size 84 mm PreRolls are hand rolled with with Chlorine-free papers and Cellulose Filters with hand-picked, fair trade, wild crafted and USDA certified organic herbs. The intent of each blend is to support the health and well being of each customer.