QUIT Organic Elixir

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Carefully crafted to gently eliminate nicotine withdrawal with no addictive side effects via vaporizer and beverage component. Time to kick your bad romance with nicotine! Quit enhances mood, concentration, counters nicotine withdrawal and relieves respiratory strain. Reduce tobacco use or QUIT commercial cigarettes dangers for good.

~ Use as an organic beverage component or vape liquid  at 275°F to 307°F
~ 100% Vegetable Glycerin | 0% Nicotine

~Intended Usage~
  • Smoking cessation aid
  • Mood enhancer
  • Brain tonic
  • Relieves respiratory strain
~Traditional & Clinical Benefits~

Lobelia -lobelia inflata-* Contains a compound called lobeline which acts like nicotine, when used carefully it can fool the body into thinking it has nicotine in the system, and help stave off cravings for cigarettes.

Coltsfoot -tussilago farfara- Used for more than 2,000 years as a treatment for throat and lung ailments, including bronchitis, asthma, and chronic cough.

Gotu Kola -centella asiatica- Improves mental clarity, allowing you to stick to your “guns”.

California Poppy -eschscholzia californica- One of the main reasons people smoke is to reduce tension, that is where Calfornia poppy comes in as a sedative & hypnotic along with a mild Euphoric effect.

Mullein -verbascum thapsus- Historically the roots or dried leaves are smoked by natives around the world to treat asthma.

Spearmint -Mentha spicata- This is the chief essential oil in menthol that is packed with numerous vitamins, antioxidants and phyto-nutrients.


• All of our ingredients are USDA Organic as well as Kosher or Wildcrafted when possible.
• Crafted with non castor bean derived vegetable glycerin.
• Absolutely NO chemicals or pharmaceuticals are added to these blends
• Not for pregnant or lactating women, we have intentional blends for this phase of a woman that are coming soon so join our mailing list!
• If you have a medical condition or on any medication, please consult with your doctor by providing them the list of latin ingredient name (the names in italic)
• Intended for intentional use by responsible individuals.
• Empower yourself by doing your own personal research about plants and the different ways to consume them.